Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This photo was meant to be at the bottom of the next post, but did not come in so I am putting it here.

This is the photo in the book, what I am aiming for in making Melissa Bula's Clementis wall hanging

My next step is to add the multitude of small pieces seen in the top photo that will make up the shadows and highlights, stems and leaves to make this piece come alive.
There are a lot of pieces and each one must be traced and fused onto cloth from pattern two. Then cut out and placed on the bottom layer of pieces.
With patience it will be done


  1. WOW! How many layers does it end up being? So you have the main petal color and then all those itty bits to sew on top? Again...WOW!

  2. wow Mim is right. how many itty bitty bits are there? sure will be pretty. but the work.. wow

  3. Oh yess, this looks like mountains of patience, skills, thread and needlework. It will be beautiful!

  4. not only patience but a helleva lot of hard work too, i am so enjoying sharing this new journey with you again.


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