Sunday, March 23, 2008

Another Wonderful Spring Day in San Francisco

Yesterday we walked the lagoon at Crissey Fields in San Francisco. Yes, it's where we spent last Saturday too, but a week later we took the more watery scenic route. I am holding up my new pedometer to show you we walked 14,000 steps!
Dh is heading out toward the Golden Gate bridge.

This lagoon is lovely, peaceful, beautiful.

We stopped at a little aquarium and saw this starfish in a tank. The purple lupine were in abundance as were many other beautiful wild flowers.

Lots of rock artists abounded as well.

Lovely trees and rocks...

This was another little museum where we stopped to see some wonderful photographic art and art by children.

What a wonderful idea this is. These artists decided to photograph the alphabet as found in nature. I saw it as a wonderful challenge and did find some letters in drift wood and leaves on our walk.

This delightful bench holds a well done painting of jars of things.

The CA Thayer is the black ship in front. It is being restored on Hyde Street Pier. DH got to go aboard on a special guided tour of two. He was in ship heaven.

It was a beautiful sunny, warm spring day. And we had a wonderful time. I feel so blessed to be so close to this great city that people travel from all over the world to visit. I heard many different languages being spoken around us yesterday!

Art sculpture we saw upon entering the city.

Me with my new glasses and new camera!
Happy Spring to one and all!


  1. I love rock art/rock artists. I don't think I've ever really seen people doing it here though.

  2. Lynn, you are beautiful!!!
    And so are San Francisco and your husband. OH, I dream of this part of California,
    thanks for sharing the beautiful sights with us,

  3. they are wonderful, love the jars, the yellow splash and the new 'me'!

  4. Love the photos. I love seeing the Rock Artist. Never thought of that before. and photographing the letters of the alphabet in nature.

  5. Oh I forgot the mention that the new camera andglasses are a Wow. and so is the mega steps you walked.
    Did you bring your heart home???
    or leave it in San Francisco? :)

  6. Enjoyed watching all these beauties again, especially the last one.

  7. What a fun trip--I love the alphabet thing--may try that with my kids.


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