Saturday, April 5, 2008

We didn't need them, but we got them

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Today turned out to be not garage sale Saturday, but one thrift store stop Saturday.
I saw that these 3 bowls that I had seen there for the past few months of visits were still there. I did not need them. But I liked them from the first time I saw them. I liked the design. The blue pictures of outdoor chairs and umbrellas brought forth images of summer. Perhaps because I was seeing them when it was still winter, these first reminders of warmer weather attracted me to them. They looked like they should belong to someone living by the sea. DH was with me today and I showed them to him. I told him how I liked them, but did not need them. He said they were a good size. He liked them too, he said to get them. Even though we did not need them. Perhaps some older unmatched crockery can be gotten rid of and replaced by these so there will be room in the cupboard for them, since we got them and brought them home on a warm sunny day in spring.

PS: The name on the bottom of these bowls is: Creation Exclusive Paris
Taime and I paid $1.75 for each bowl.


  1. I love these bowls. I think you did a good thing for them. They needed a home. :) Makes me think of Nantucket or somewhere back east along the coast for some reason. You will enjoy your morning cereal even better now. :)

  2. Well as my dear friend D. once told me (she was my thrift shopping mentor 30 yrs ago) when I said about something or other: "But I don't need that" she said: "what does thrift shopping have to do with need???"

  3. they obviously called to you, and that's all that counts. after packing up my whole home and 'carrying' it on my back emigrating from South Africa to England 22 years ago, i just can't buy now for the sake of buying, but i do miss that pleasure.

  4. Lynn, these are cute, and I love the name on the bottom:) How funny, do you think they were made in Paris and travelled all the way to California?:)

  5. I think these are very cheery!
    Just stopped by to say "hello"


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