Thursday, May 1, 2008

Holocaust Remembrance Day Yom Ha Shoah

By Diane Jacobs Moore Six Of Six Million
Never Shall I Forget by Elie Wiesel

Never shall I forget that night,
the first night in the camp
which has turned my life into one long night,
seven times cursed and seven times sealed.

Never shall I forget that smoke.
Never shall I forget the little faces of the children
whose bodies I saw turned into wreaths of smoke
beneath a silent sky.

Never shall I forget those flames
which consumed my faith forever.
Never shall I forget that nocturnal silence
which deprived me for all eternity of the desire to live.

Never shall I forget those moments
which murdered my God and my soul
and turned my dreams to dust.

Never shall I forget these things,
even if I am condemned to live
as long as God Himself.


Elie Wiesel


  1. That poem pretty much says it all. It was the worst of times with no best of times in there.
    A horrid time in History that we pray never happens again.

  2. Hey Lynn... reposted a poem and a photo for Yom Hashoah... I pray that by remembering that terrible time in the past that we may be more compassionate in the present and that a better world will be possible in the future... pensive today... Jon

  3. Please go to Hoppers blog (via my blog roll) and see his poem for today (Yom Hashoah/Day of Remembrance) and read the comments left by others there.

    HB I commented on your heartfelt comment there.

  4. yes my dearest Lynn i read your friendly words...very kind of you to think of me in such a beautiful way...
    this poem is very powerful like a storm... it tells us why we should remember such events that 'turn our life into one long night'...
    absolutely beautiful...

    we shall not forget
    lest we may regret...

    may we face a future full of peace and love...

  5. oh i forgot to say how much i loved the quilt... its beauty is breath-taking... awesome...

    sure it'll win a big prize in an art show and also the attention and admiration of numerous art-lovers...

    love to you...

  6. Beautiful quilt and such a sad, lovely poem to remind us of what happened. I send you and everyone many prayers today that we may find peace and an end to man's inhumanity to each other. Blessings, suki

  7. Lisa in Santa CruzMay 2, 2008 at 7:46 PM

    I forwarded this poem to my sons, my beautiful sons at UCLA, far away in their own lives. My reserved more removed one emailed back "good poem"
    thank you Lynn, for helping me share the intensity of this day with my sons in a way they heard and understood.

  8. Important stuff to share with one's children. Glad he "got it" Lisa.

  9. A beautiful quilt to commemorate such an horrific part
    of history

  10. the quilt is magnificent, we WILL never forget.


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