Thursday, November 20, 2008

And It's NOT Even My Birthday!

It is NOT even my birthday.

When my kids were little I used to have UNBirthday parties for them sometimes. Remember Winnie the Pooh, having UnBirthdays? I think that is where I got the idea. Well gifts have been flowing into my home and heart these past weeks... First that wonderful bag from Jan's give away, then the surprise from LadyBug (Monique) of the beautiful appliqued Morning Glories and now again, just yesterday mail brought something from far away in the Netherlands from my friend there Corryna. Two ATCs, one postcard sized and one business card sized. How do people do such beautiful art in such small spaces???? Look at these! And THANK YOU CORRYNA these really really touched my heart. Again, unexpected gifts that please me no end.

Imagine this the purple is painted with blackberries!
********************************** Are you okay with my showing my work in progress? Not done but coming along?
Last night I planted a garden under the bird house, and many flowers and a huge sunflower grew. Well I'm not at all surprised as the sun had come out. Now I've got to decide what kind of seeds the sunflower will have and how to make some birds flying around in there.
Yesterday Suki Poet suggested I give this to my MIL, Erika, first
and let Karen, her daughter, have it later as an inheritance gift. I really liked that idea
so it will be my gift to both of them and hopefully Erika's room has a wall with enough
space to hold this huge thing. I do agree that Erika would enjoy it and it will surely
brighten that room!


  1. Aren't you the lucky one! What a wonderful gift.
    How big is this work in progress??
    Jose is gorgeous, and knows it! The other handsome stranger is none other than the soulmate. Yes, he is rather lovely! Made him laugh when he saw your comment ( and he went pink around the edges)...

  2. Great getting surprise unbirthday gifts! And your work in progress made me think of a Vision Board, somehow. Have you ever thought of doing a Vision Board quilt? That would be powerful! One day when I need a quilt I'll commission one from you and tell you what I want on it. Also, thanks for mentioning your friend Corynna. Reminds me I have to contact my friend Corina in Switzerland.

  3. Jude the size is around 42" X 36 " or maybe a bit larger. I need to measure after I cut it to size and add the final binding. As this one is definately calling out for a binding. A frame.

    Elspeth, please do explain Vision Board to me please.
    How exciting to think you might one day have me make a quilt for you. I'd love that. Very light weight for where you live, or a wall hanging perhaps?
    Fun that we have Corryna and Corina in our lives! Isn't the tie that binds us all together California, USA...Trinadad...Netherlands...Switzerland exciting too?

  4. Oh how lovely. Yes how do they do so much on those small cards? Wonderful to get surprises like that. How sweet of her.

    I LOVE seeing how your quilt is progressing. They are really single art pieces put together into one piece in the end. So please keep sharing. This is really looking good. My sunflower seeds were gray with black stripes. not the typical black oil sunflower seeds.

  5. Well who knows ... maybe it won't be a lightweight quilt. I meant that if/when living in a cold climate I would ask you to make me a quilt. A vision board is basically a collage of images depicting the things you want in your life, the places you want to go, person you want to be, etc. It's about the law of attraction. Like having images of your dreams all around you - to attract those things into your life. You can read more about it at these links:

    etc. (You can find more in Google if you want).

  6. you are always so cheery, don't you ever feel down? our baby is 'cooking' nicely and this weekend hubby is going over to help them paint the nursery, next week we are going shopping with them as we are buying the pram. yipppeeeeeeeee.thanks for sharing in my excitement granny lynn.

  7. This is just beautiful and i love seeing it in process. Love seeing the layers as they are added on and the stories that evolve. Glad you liked my thoughts on MIL getting to enjoy the quilt first. Hope that works out. It is kinda her story after all. Glad you got some gifts as you are always giving. You deserve these special treats. be well, and have a great Thanksgiving with all yr fresh fruits and nuts.

  8. Dear Soulbrush, do I ever feel down you ask? Come to think of it, it's rare these past several years.
    Too much to be grateful for. But sometimes, fleetingly. Thanks for telling me I come across as Cheery!
    That makes me smile!

    Dear Sukipoet, thank you for your words of praise for this art quilt, and for my accepting the gifts coming my way. The quilt is Erika's story! Last night I added music, wait till you see! ;-)
    And happy Thanksgiving to you too. We all have so much to be thankful for.


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