Friday, November 28, 2008

Being Gratful a Day Later And Sad for the World

The TV blares in the next room with news out of India...terrorists have murdered 180 at least, more injured...a young Chabad rabbi and his Israeli wife among the dead at that Jewish Center. Their two year old escaped with his an American tells how he escaped the bombs and terrorists at a popular hotel...and I am grateful for having had yesterday with my family...sitting at a peaceful Thanksgiving dinner with my beautiful daughter, her husband, their friends, my brother, my husband and my two little grandchildren age four...How can these two opposite pictures be happening simultaneously in the world? Why do some need to murder for what? Why? and now we must be on guard even here...
Let me share my yesterday with you as seeing these photos helps me feel grounded
and re in touch with the love in my life.
What I wish for you every where!
DH/Grandpa and grand daughter playing hide and and seek at the park early in the day. Family at dinner from left: grandson, SIL, friend, DH, brother, friend, daughter
Grand children waiting for dessert to be served. SIL made that apple pie from the apples from his tree in the back yard. (that's my quilt hanging on the wall, now theirs) ;-)
A very happy grandma and her two youngest grandchildren
Praying for Peace in the World


  1. It looks like a wonderful family Thanksgiving. When we look around the world we realize that we have so much to be thankful for.

    Love your Thankgiving sign.

  2. I see your heart in these wonderful pictures....Peace, Mary

  3. We just don't know what's in store so we have to cherish every moment, peace love and happiness x
    those two grand children definately keep you grounded!!

  4. I only listen to the radio, cant take the TV sensationalism, but there is also trouble in Bankock Thailand with many folks stuck in the airport for days. It is all sad and frightening.

    But your family looks lovely and had fun and that is so important to balance, hopefully and change even the leaning toward killing and power that arises throughout the world at times.

  5. Great photos of your day yesterday. You look great. It is hard to listen to the news any more. So many who have such sadness in their lives. It does make it hard to be happy when you get together with your loved ones. You do have much to be thankful for everyday.

  6. Your post captures so well the challenges the world faces but your family Thanksgiving is most definitely a symbol of hope.

  7. oy those two are such sweeties, always happy and having such fun. the look on your face says it all!your gratitude shines through your blog daily!

  8. Lynniskynni, it's so good to see these pictures of love here creating a counterbalance to everything ugly which may happen at the same time. Is there an answer to the question; Why? I don't know, but we have to cherish the love we have, and try to help others, so it can make a difference, a little one but still a difference.
    I love the second picture, hide and seek, it is awsome! And all the smiling people here:)
    have a peaceful Sunday

  9. This looks like it was a perfect day!
    So nice with everyone happy together.
    Love your new header with the owl!


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