Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving To All My Blog Friends

Happy Thanksgiving
There I am taking a big bite from the turkey leg at about age five years old!
Around the table is my cousin Barb in the high chair, me, my dad, my brother,
grandpa and grandma, mom, her youngest sister Miriam, uncle Sandy, aunt Jane (mom's middle sister), and my cousin Neil. I guess Uncle Harry took the photo. My two youngest cousins not yet born. Miriam and Harry are turning 90 in January and May 09; my brother is next in line at age 73 in Dec. Then me, and so on. The other elders in this photo are all deceased.
Thanksgiving was always a much looked forward to holiday in my childhood.
I loved traveling over hill and dale to grandmother's house, later aunts home, later dinner at one aunts and dessert at the other as children begot children and the grandchildren became so numerous there was no longer room for all of us in one home.
Now we are spread out even further...Baby Barb cousin lives in Colorado with her three grown children and four grandchildren; Cousin Neil still in CA with his parents, three grown children and his three grand children; Another cousin Judy lives in CA with husband and her daughter; Her brother in Canada, his daughter in CA...My kids in CA and Oregon with 2 grandchildren each.
So tomorrow it's our turn to enjoy the table with my daughter, SIL, 2 youngest grand kids, my brother and a few friends of daughters.
A time to count our blessings carrying on a family tradition of five generations.
I become very nostalgic remembering all the family gatherings of yesteryear...
and look forward to tomorrow with a quiet sense of peace and gladness.
I pray for peace in our world while listening to news from the TV
in the next room telling me of 90 killed and 140 injured in a
terrorist attack in India.
British and Americans were targeted.
Praying for peace
and wishing all
safe, and happy
holiday season
wherever you are living now.


  1. And look at the gorgeous aprons every woman was wearing...

  2. Peace Love and Happiness to you and your family.
    I won Laura Ashley fat quarters!

  3. This is a nostalgic and beautiful post, thanks for this nice picture and explaining who is who, which makes it more interesting. Have a wonder thanksgiving day,

  4. May peace and joy be with you today. Lovely photo.

  5. Cute photo of you. Happy Thanksgiving. PAX.

  6. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours Lynn.

  7. happy Thanksgiving, Lynn...
    love such old photos of family gatherings...

    i thank you from the bottom of my heart for your always kind and insightful words....

    i'm really thankful i have found some precious friends like you in this virtual world...

  8. Neat old photo. I am looking at you in this photos and flashing forward to your Grand daughter. I know where she gets alot of her looks from. YOU. Cute photo of you.

  9. Happy belated Thanksgiving. Wishing you a wonderful and peaceful reast of your holiday season.

  10. Lynn thanks for becoming my first follower, its terrible what has happened in Mumbai, I have many happy memories of that crowded city, also memories of Pakistan, its terrible that so many innocent people die for WHAT!!!, I will show some of my Indian and Pakistani pictures at a later date.


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