Monday, November 24, 2008

Cris in Oregon Contributes To Erika's World

Cris, Artist in Oregon, like Erika did, puts out food for birds and squirrels each day. I asked her if she'd let me use some of her wonderful photographs of birds and squirrels to add to the quilt. They really bring life to the world depicted in the quilt as Erika knew it. See the squirrel running away under the tree and the blue jay eating on the ground? The couple in the top left corner is Erika and her husband, and father of her two children taken in 1950. There is another squirrel romping in fall leaves in this bottom right corner. And a dove eating under the birdhouse...
This bird hangs on a feeder off to the left side of the tree.
And here you can see some of the binding pinned in place. I did sew it all on last night.
The binding utilizes many of the green fabrics from the quilt, a few new ones including blues
to blend with the blue walls in Karen's den.


  1. the binding is great. I love it that you have incorporated Cris' birds and squirrels. How wonderful. a beautiful gift.

  2. Hey the photos look great on the hanging quilt. but it actually is a hanging Art Story quilt. it tells such a wonderful story of a lovely lady who with music in her heart cared for and raised a wonderful family as well as the wild life around her. What a lovely thing that will be passed down from family to family.

  3. Oh PS.. I forgot to say I feel privileged to have a part, even tho small.. in it. :))

  4. oh dear - I think I might have lost my comment - so I'll send it again.... but I wanted to thank you for sharing the story about the development of your quilt for Erika. Not only is it beautiful to see - but it's a beautiful story to hear ... your quilt is like a visual story that tells us all about her life ... it's really lovely!

    and thank you for teaching me how to prepare pomegranates! the things I learn on blogs :)

  5. Colourfirework, you did it again:):) I just love the bird hous (feeder) and the sun and everything else too. Looks great and the story to it is beautiful too.

  6. oh this quilt is becoming a real masterpiece... Cris's photos are wonderful and they have added to the beauty...


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