Monday, December 1, 2008

Busy Weekend, Friends Surgery, Gifts Made

My best friend from childhood, Patty, had an emergency surgery right before Thanksgiving! I tried to go visit her but the traffic was so bad I had to take the bouquet I'd picked in my backyard for her home again! Patty, I will get there. Please know my heart was in the right place and get well soon! I love you! I had a lot of time this long four day weekend to be creative. I bought a sketch book and covered it and tried my hand at art journaling as a demo for my 16 yr old grand daughter who will get this for Chanukah! I hope she continues the pages in her own style. The cover features a photo of her by Mt. Hood (I think)...I used flannel and cotton fabric, ribbon and foam cut out letters for her initals. The inside cover is a photo of a doll I knit for her in her likeness last year with a beaded necklace in her name. More flannel and ribbons. The first page has a red wooden heart I got at Michael's...and my own words about art journaling... And I finished this pretty scarf using Trellis yarn for her as well. I like the long fringe,which doesn't show in this photo! I just realized I took this photo before I put the fringe on.


  1. the gifts you make for others are so special... full life and colors... so magical... sure their lives change in a good way when they have them...
    blessings to you!

  2. Sorry about your friend, hope she's better soon. The sketch book idea is a wonderful idea, I'm sure she'll follow in her grandma's artistic fingers!

  3. What a precious gift, Lynn, so very creative, I'm sure it will inspire your granddaughter, with it's charm!

  4. You are about the most creative person I know!

  5. she is simply gonna love it,....all! i would! and i know your friend will understand that you didn't get there, as she knows you care so much.

  6. Wow, fantastic things you have here!

  7. Lovely work here. Lovely ideas too. you have such a creative mind. it is always working and you dont just dream you DO.She will love it.
    Hope your Friend is doing much better. Sorry you couldnt make it to see her. We always forget about coming home traffic. :)


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