Sunday, December 14, 2008

Date Day in SF, Babysitting JOY, and Mail from Australia!

Saturday I had a date with my husband! The stress of report card time as teacher is finally behind him (for now) and we were able to get away to San Francisco our favorite day trip from home. Of course we visited the Hyde Street Pier, and historic ships! We found that orange kitty living there. We walked around the area in the cold brisk air well bundled up against it. Then went over to the Bay Books store where I got three beautiful books for the grand kids who we'd see later. Two stories about fiddle playing, as my G.son is enamoured with music; and one about an old quilt maker and a greedy king that was an award winner and absolutely beautifully illustrated. From there we went to Crissy Fields and walked the dock. If I look fat it's only because I have a down vest and thick scarf under my jacket!!! ;-) We stopped at the warming hut for lunch. I had the best tasting vegetarian chili I have ever had! Hot too. I hope you enjoy these snippets of the city. Later in the afternoon we went to my daughters' home and were greeted ever so warmly by our twin grand kids. They are oh so sweet and fun to be with. Here we are hanging out in their "art studio". G.D.'s art just becomes more and more detailed. G.S. cuts out her pictures and turns the scraps into a horn! He thinks he's very funny and he is! My Curious George doll visits her Mono Monkey doll. She doesn't know it yet but George will be a Chanukah gift next week!!! And wait till you see what he is getting. Both will receive favorite toys from Grandma and Grandpa's house they have enjoyed all year. But this time to take home and KEEP!!!
On Friday I got mail from Australia. Two separate packages. One from Vivian, which was a purchase of beautiful silk ribbons hand dyed from her ETSY store. I'm excited to see how they knit and crochet up. Thank you Vivian!!!!
The second package from Judy of Red Velvet blog also from Australia is a prize for being her 100,000th blog visitor, can you imagine? Judy does the most awesome altered books/mixed media art that is unbelievable in its scope and creativity. Some of her work on Holocaust victims family histories should be museum pieces.
Judy's package held a bag of many, many small metal pieces I can use as embellishments in my own art creations. I am very excited to play with them and figure out where they will go.
Thank you Judy!!!!


  1. Wow you are getting pretty fancy with Picasa. Looks like a fun day was had by all. Nice you got to San Francisco and to Baby sit on top of it. The Items you got in the mail I can see going into quilts and scarves. Nice.

  2. Lynn glad you got away for a fun day in the windy city, or is that Chicago. Your grandkids are just so sweet. No wonder they are so creative with a gram like you. Beautiful things you received in the mail. Such fun and I know you will find imaginative ways to use them.


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