Friday, December 12, 2008

Tam and Scarf Completed and SALE Made!

I have a 19 yr old grandson who wears his hair in long thick dreadlocks so I wanted to make him a tam that would contain all that hair. I found just the pattern at: how-custom.h...

You can purchase a tam at this artists ETSY store here: I had fun taking photos of myself in various poses to show off the hat (and matching scarf which I finished last night) and then DH took a few too. Today I'll box up this gift and the journal and scarf for his younger sister. I think I'll also send her a piece of her great grandmother Ella's costume rhinestone jewelry too. I think she'd like that. ;-) Happy Chanukah for my big grand kids.

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I went to the art gallery today to enter my Where Stars Are Born quiltlet in her black shadow box and while there I learned I had sold a scarf!
This one! Made with fun fur and ribbon yarn. And I know the artist who bought it. He does AWESOME paintings and mixed media art too that sells for hundreds and thousands of dollars!!! Judie said he bought several things it seemed for gifts. I feel so complimented that he chose something of mine. This was my favorite too!


  1. The Tam and Scarf are beautiful, Lynn. Not to mention the scarf that you sold. All of your "utilitarian" goods are also such wonderful pieces of art, too.

    p.s. what a nice posting for Suki - I'm sure she appreciated your thoughts ... :) you speak for lots of us with your words

  2. Hey pretty cool hat and scarf.
    Nice modeling too. :)) He should really like it.
    Congrats on selling a scarf at the Art Gallery, and to someone who is an Artist too. We do seem to be each others best customers. :))

  3. The tam and scarf are cool! Love the colour too. I would definitely buy/wear that. Checked them out on that other site. Funky!

  4. Honour thank you so much. Your praise of my "art" humbles me!

    Cris, yes, I was so excited about selling and then to that particular artist,!

    Elspeth, well thanks...perhaps I should make it and change the pattern so I can sell it in my ETSY store!!! They were quick to do.

  5. Lynn,

    Great job on the tam and the scarf is lovely. Great to hear about your sales too.


  6. Hi Lynn, this is a sweet post and you are very welcome.
    I am glad that the pattern worked for you, love the tam you made:)

  7. Thanks Kate and Angelika...thanks for coming to see for yourselves too! ;-) Do come again!!!

  8. I really like your collages they show off your Tam to great advantage, by the way have those darn sheep arrived yet?

  9. Cute collage. Now where did you get the model??? :) I know your grandson will love his tam and your grandaughter her jewels. happy chanukah to you.

  10. Mike, I got word from the airport that the sheep are on their way, there was a bit of a quarantine problem apparently. We'll pick them up soon and show them the sights! Keep tuned in.

    Suki you are too funny. She is a very famous Californian Tam Model. She came cheap too! ;-))

  11. Yes! Make and sell in your Etsy store. Great idea.


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