Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Erika's World Sent Off To Erika's World

I often find beauty in the back of my quilts and this time is no exception. It is just fun to see the top sewing show up as pictures back here:
This is the label I made for the back of the quilt...sewn on by hand.
Some of these photos are not on the front: bottom row: Erika with crocheted hat and red flower was a gift from me several Christmas' ago; next photo is Erika wearing my deceased mom's jacket I gave her, she is getting mail from her mail box. We used to write weekly to each other for years! Last photo in that row, Erika with DH last summer. Top row 2nd photo is DH's sister! and second to last photo you'll recognize her son playing in park last summer when we were there (same photo of him hanging from tree on quilt front center! w/o play equipment. Our nephew is a senior at University of MN in Drama Dept.) On Monday I boxed it up and sent it off to wait for us to arrive on Xmas Eve. Sort of mailed it to myself at my SIL's house in MN. Since you saw it last beads were sewn to the center of the sun flower, free motion top stitched leaves were sewn over all the background rust fabric, and Cris' duck photos were sewn on the bottom left side.
I emailed Suki's suggestion to my SIL asking that the quilt go to Erika first and if possible stay with her in her room in the nursing home as long as possible. Then Karen can take it home to her den. She agreed it was a good idea. ;-)
Needless to say, I am looking forward to giving it to Erika on Christmas Eve and seeing her reaction to "her world".
Special thanks to Cris, Artist in Oregon for use of her photos of ducks, birds and squirrels. It's added so much to the quilt in making it Erika's World.


  1. Thats cool with the pictures on the back side. It is great front and back.
    Love it all. Quilt looks great as for label on back.
    It could be my life with all that nature on there. :)
    They will LOVE it.

  2. Have you noticed how gifts lke these reflect somthing deeper in the true nature of the one who receives them than the artist could ever know? When you give this gift, ask what it reflects in her, you will be surprized in what you hear.

    Your work has beautiful energy to it.

  3. I always love your quilts, front and back. I think the back should be as interesting as the front.

  4. Wow - back of the quilt looks great!

  5. Yes Cris, I do see your life in there too. You and Erika both share a great love of nature, especially in the direct feeding of birds and squirrels. Something you do and she used to do daily.

    Echo, welcome to my blog. And thanks for your comment. I will be listening very carefully to Erika's repsonse to seeing this quilt. I will be with her for a full week so my hope is each day she will discover something new. And as she suffers from dementia it will be NEW every time she looks at it.

    Teri, glad you like it. The backs are always a pleasant surprise to me.

    Thanks Elspeth!

  6. The quilt is awesome and I just know they both will love it. The back does come out interesting. Love all the additions. This is so exciting. What a wonderful holiday for you all.

  7. Wow the back is amazing - so detailed.

  8. Great idea with the label on the back of the quilt! What a gift, and good idea to take it to her in the nursing home! So much love in this quilt.
    I like the designs on the back too, the little house looks like a fairytale illustration...


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