Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Heart Goes Out To SukiPoet

Many of our blog friends and I have been deeply moved by our friend SukiPoet's recent loss of her dear mother. We followed Suki through a year of care giving of her 90 year old mom after moving North to care for her. Suki first turned her father's barn into an art studio for herself where she created beautiful art. Later she turned a room inside the house to be a studio while mom sat or slept in the next room where Suki could check on her. The day or so before her mom passed away peacefully at the hospital Suki had given her a beautiful red heart necklace which she wore around her neck. This heart inspired others to paint pictures, write poems, send drawings, etc. I wondered what I might add to this collection. The other day I finished a postcard for a swap in another group I am in. I realized I had made it in a heart theme. Although I cannot send the actual card to you Suki, I can send a photo of it. Please accept this as my humble contribution to the heart felt thoughts of you and your mom in this time of your grieving. Hugs....from Lynn
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  1. you are so nice, and this is a lovely tribute

  2. Oh what a LOVELY thing to do.
    What a great theme for a tribute that is going on here.

  3. Lynn, this is so beautiful. May I post the photo on my blog? If not I will post a link to the photo. Oh i just love all these red hearts and the stories and artworks that arise from them. Not to mention influencing Soulbrush to say yes to the trip to see her brother. Thanks for the heads up on this post. It hasnt yet appeared in my "followers" thingy. Odd.

  4. What a beautiful memorial to friendship. Suki and her Mom moved a lot of people so something good came of it all.

  5. Suki, of course you may post the postcard on your blog! It's for YOU! ;-)

    Not sure why I didn't appear on your followers either...perhaps due to the fact that I blogged this directly from Picasa maybe???

  6. lynn thanks and you turned up in the followers

  7. Beautiful Lynn...inside (the thought)and out. Just like YOU!

    Suki my thoughts are with you.


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