Sunday, December 7, 2008

Daughter's Birthday Bash A Huge Success

We walked in with the collage and told my daughter to open it NOW and she did. She LOVED IT. I'd say it was a huge success all around. Here you can see her step mom, she, and I looking at it another shot some friends are giving it a good look-see. It was fun to answer questions about the individual photos. The party, hosted by long time family friends of her step mom and dad, was lovely. We all brought food to share and the hostess prepared poached salmon as the main course. My slightly over cooked asparagus went well with it, as did the veggies and potatoes and yams brought by others. My Son in law baked two huge chocolate cakes with coconut frosting (of which I sneaked a few tiny tastes)were delicious...His mother flew in from Boston. Other family came from Oregon. And the room was full of Californians, friends and family alike. It was nice that both sets of parents were there. We all get along so well. The conversations were interesting, sometimes political; and the love in the room for my daughter was thick. The toasts meaningful and love filled. It was hard to believe my baby turns 40 today, but I can honestly say I could not be more proud of who and what she has become. An outstanding woman in her own right with a lot to offer family, friends, and the world.


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Isn't 40 the new 30?

  2. Fifi: I hope so because my 60+ feels much closer to 40+!!! ;-)

  3. What a wonderful gift and what a wonderful day!

  4. Oh how fun. You made another collage of the party. You are getting so good at that.
    The new 60 plus is 40 plus??.. hmm good then my 39 is right on for me. LOL
    Your daughter is a lovely woman and well loved it seems. You should be proud of how she turned out.

  5. Thanks Cris, I am but I don't take full credit. She has four parents and lots of others who influenced her throughout her life. I do admire who she has become.

    Yes Teri C. It was a wonderful day.
    Glad you liked the gift too. ;-)

  6. What a lovely tribute - your daughter must be very proud of you.

    It's also funny to see how much taller she is than you -

    It's also lovely that all the mom's and dad's get along. How much easier is that than the old "not talking to each other" days. So much better for the family!

  7. Lovely, glad you all had a wonderful time.

  8. You have both the most beautiful smile:) Congratulations to your daughter (and her mom!)

  9. Mim, my DH said the photo looked like my daughter was standing up and I was sitting down! Not the case however. On her father's side she has an uncle who is 6'5" tall and an aunt who is 5'10" tall. On my side my grandfather was 4'11" short! And I have shrunk 2" from my original adult height of 5"4".
    It is funny.

    And, yes we parents have gotten along well for many years now. It just gets better and better.

    Jude, thanks, And
    Andrea, thanks, I am still smiling!

  10. aaaaawwwww, what a lovely post, gulp. your youngest? 40? wow! and 40 is the new 30 these days....our baby bean is due on 29 january...yikes....and yipppeee....

  11. that is so wonderful Lynn! What a great day...and what a blessing to share your life with your daughter.

  12. What a lovely Birthday present, a really superb collage, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter.

  13. Glad the collage was a big hit.


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