Friday, December 5, 2008

Collage of My Daughters Early Years to the Present

This top photo is current years and the bottom collage in the frame My daughter's 40th birthday will be celebrated tomorrow night with family and friends. I am making a collage of photos from birth to now. First is a collection of her early years. Sweet to see her infancy with great grandparents and grandparents, parents, big brother, friends; in my nursery school with my best friend Patty who worked it with me when she turned 2; the year she lived in Israel with her father and step mother age 9-10; time spent with cousins at family holidays; etc. Sweet to do this...brings back lots of nice memories. The bottom collage within the collage is photos taken the past several years in her adult life with families, friends, her children, grandparents, parents, and siblings. Today I framed the 2 collages: early years and current years and found some very fitting quotes that say a lot about family and life. Tell me what you think? Double click to read the quotes by famous people or annonymous This of course is the finished gift. Each small collage is 8" X 10" in size, the whole black wooden frame is 16" X 20".
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This photo is the first or top collage in the frame of her early years. Please double click to see photos enlarged. I think it's worth it! ;-)


  1. Well this is awesome. Truly is. I love that frame and I love the sayings. It makes it more special.
    You sure packed alot of photos in those 8x10 sizes. Very professional looking I would say.
    She will love it.

  2. Lynn,

    What a wonderful gift you have created.


  3. I wish I could sit down and have you explain who and what everything is - it's a terrific collage and the frame and saying's make it even better. She will be thrilled.

  4. Lynn, this is a wonderful gift, and full of memories and love, I'm sure your daughter will be happy about this. Pictures full of joy and laughter:)

  5. You make me tired, just watching. How do you do it??
    It's a lovely gift and I know your daughter is going to treasure it.
    Have a wonderful time.

  6. they are such licky girls, and you are such a lucky mama. hugs.


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