Thursday, December 4, 2008

Invitation to Mike Miller's Sheep and Dog; Susan Tuttle Give Away and My Weekend Plans

Mike Miller just got back from Paris visiting Andrea, or was it the sheep visiting Ms Doodle? Anyway, Henry V got wind of it and is patiently awaiting a visit of his own. If you see Mike please let him know, thanks from Henry V: ****** &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& ****** Susan Tuttle is having a book give away of her new book which can be seen here on Amazon: (sorry, I don't seem to be able to make the links be direct avenues to her blog. Just copy and paste your way there! The give away contest can be found here on her blog: The book looks like a treasure trove of goodies to me. Today is my "Friday Night" as I do not work tomorrow and have the weekend ahead of me. I'll be working on a collage project for a birthday gift for my daughter to take her party on Saturday evening! I'll probably have enough time to find a good frame for "Stellar" quilt so I can get her into the next art gallery show by next week too.. And I have one more post card to complete for trading. Yes, I have plenty to keep me busy. What will you be doing this weekend?


  1. Hmmm well Annie mapped out and posted what she plans to do when they come visiting her in Oregon. Wonder who they will stop off to see first. :)
    The book looks great. Hope you win it as you do so much of that.

  2. BTW. I dont think Mikes dog leaves Mike. The girls will be on their own. :))

  3. :):) oh this is fun:) , Sweet Henry waiting for his new friends:)

  4. Hooray - I've missed the Henry illustrations. A book of them would be great ... or maybe a Henry quilt? Cats would love to have their own quilts! There would definitely be a market for that among cat lovers. I bought a lovely mat the other day with 2 dolphins on it and Jasper has claimed it as his. He adheres to it like glue ... fast asleep, daily and nightly. If he had a Henry quilt he would do the same I'm sure. New line of quilts perhaps?

    Also, to get links in your blog post to be active, highlight the words you want to be active - eg. if you want people to go to a particular blog, you and you say "SEE THIS BLOG" - you highlight that text, click on the 'link' sign in the top bar of your new blog post template and when it opens up a blank form, you paste in the link address that you want people to go to.

    The link button in the new blog post template looks like a chain link - two links connected. Easy to find. If you still can't figure it out let me know.

  5. Lynn FOUND IT as I said in my blog it was a long senior citizen moment of mine, could not see the wood for the trees, the sheep will be travelling on their own, Tiggy is way past the age for travelling.

  6. Okay, Mike, we will wait for E & E to come visit. Sorry doggie is too old to travel now. Give him our best.
    Lynn and Henry V


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