Thursday, December 4, 2008

ATCs Postcards Updated and Birthdays

ATC #2: "Starry Winter Night": gold twine, gold stars, pink tulle, pink sulky thread, Angelina fibers, glitter, hand embroidered stars. Update on ATC #1: "Three Stars Winter": fleece, Angelina fibers, metallic fabric, gold stars, sulky thread, gold twine. This is the not quite finished one from yesterday...finished off with twine under the metallic fabric sewn down, as suggested by Andrea. Thanks for feedback! Postcard update: "Hibernating Butterfly" Winter (that's a joke Cris!) cotton butterfly, fleece, 2 layers of tulle netting, top stitched rayon thread by Sulky, button added ********************************************************************************** December is a birthday month in our family: SonIL, Brother, Daughter, and DH all have December birthdays! We don't exchange gifts anymore (thank goodness)...but there is a big party for my DD on Saturday night! My baby is turning forty! Can that be true? I think I may make something! Stay tuned.


  1. Hi Lynn, these look good. Under the first shot you listed 'sulky' thread. is it that? Or 'silky'?

  2. Great, Lynniskynni, that changes a lot and it looks perfect now! You found the perfect finishing! I like the way the little dark Islands pop out of the flattened netting now:)

  3. Elspeth, Sulky is a brand name. It is rayon thread which I learned to use from the quilt shop folks here for quilting.

    Andrea thanks, your feedback is greatly appreciated. I like the way it looks now too. I even think it would be cool with a pin on the back so it could be worn as a broach! You think? ;-)

  4. I'm confused.. so what else is new. :) but is one and two the same or two different ones? they both look good and I LOVE the HYBERNATING BUTTERFLY.. LOL
    Wow 40, wish I could say that again. :))

  5. Cris, I am not sure which ONE and TWO you are referring to. The #2 butterfly got a button added to it of another butterfly! (postcards)

    The #2 of the starry winter night ATC is #1 with the orange metallic fabric sewn down, more top stitching and gold twine added.

    And the top photo in the second post is a third card, 2nd ATC, but different from the first ATC which is shown twice in original version and completed version.

    Now, if you are not COMPLETELY confused I am not good at my job of trying to confuse you further with my perfectly correct explanation!



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