Monday, January 26, 2009

Double Rainbow

We were sitting in the living room around five p.m. yesterday when DH happened to look out a window behind us and saw this amazing double rainbow. I ran for my camera, he got the umbrella and followed me, holding said umbrella over my head... View out the window from inside the house... The "shooting stars" are really rain drops hitting my camera... It was too wide for me to get a picture of it end to end...the colors were bright and beautiful...
A lovely sight at the end of a pleasant weekend.


  1. WOW. This is awesome. we get these a lot here but its hard to capture them. You got some great shots. I like the one close up of the rainbow thru the window. Good team effort there. :))

  2. Very good photo shots. I have a couple like this that I took in England before we left for Crete.

  3. Nice! I've been seeing a lot of these this year (and late December 2008). I especially like the one with the 'stars'.

  4. beautiful. And the drops of rain add to it. Very mystical and I lvoe the angles of the roofs and windows too. Thanks for sharing some California beauty

  5. what a magical sight. i love the image of you with the camera and dh with the umbrella. would make a good drawing lynn. you told me something about photos and albums (i think online) can you tell me again. hugs.

  6. Beautiful Lynn, love the picture with the shooting stars and the rainbow:)

  7. A Promise of Old.... Beautiful... Rare... Powerful yet Gentle... Amazing... Magical...

    Thank you for sharing a moment when nature shouts its cheerful greetings.

  8. Yes, I think the raindrops add to the atmosphere.. lovely.

  9. Fantastic!
    By the way a little bird told me you bought a felting machine? Needles for felting by machine...?
    True? What? Where? When? What adoes it make?.....

  10. Lizzi, the felting machine does just that, it felts materials into one another. Your mushrooms are wonderful btw...I am interested in felting wool rovings and other fabrics onto felt etc. for use in my quilt work.
    My machine is a it on a good sale as a new improved version was coming out and they wanted to get rid of the older model.
    Lucky me. I haven't worked on it much yet, but will. A new fun toy!

  11. Thanks for that Lynn - I shall look forward to seeing the results!
    I see you have some in the next post already :-) Busy girl!!
    Thanks for nice comment regards my toadstools... they just keep getting bigger!!!!!


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