Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Terry Busse's Art on Cards!

I recently purchased some cards from Terry Busse's ETSY store. They arrived in yesterdays' mail. She sent me a few extras too, thank you Terry! ;-) I love Terry's whimsical art both quilted fabric and drawings. The cat she did from a drawing she did as a child and she still has that original picture! You can see this on HER BLOG . My computer automatically adds my "textileartbylynn" on all my photos, so this appears on Terry's cards. But do not confuse that by thinking this is anything other than TERRY's art! ********************************************************************************* Is your head still spinning from the excitement of yesterday's History in the Making, The Inaugural Balls, the fashion statements, the high emotion of so many people from all over the world and those lucky enough to be in Washington DC yesterday? Mine is. Tell me about how you reacted to all this excitement and wonder.


  1. Oh these are wonderful. I LOVE LOVE the cat card. Its adorable. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. I'm still spinning! It was a fabulous day for our country! I cried, clapped, stood up for the oath, sat back down cause the dogs were looking at me like I was nuts, stood up and cried some more. Great day!

    Lynn, thanks for saying such lovely stuff about my art. You are amazing!

  3. Terry you are the one who is amazing! Your art deserves to be seen by MANY!!!

    And as for yesterday I also stood up. I stood during the national anthem and put my hand over my heart. I was alone at home...or the cat didn't notice. And I did not feel silly at all, I felt patriotic and PROUD.

  4. What a very small world. I have purchased items from Terry as well. I LOVE her whimsical art. I bought a small picture at the Davis Waldorf May Fair, and I saw her again in Sacramento at the Convention Center and purchased two very cute wool pins that have small lettered beads spelling "Harmony."

    She is not only very talented, she is also very kind. If I recall correctly, her daughter was helping with some recycled wool sweaters and I got to meet her too.

    Thanks for sharing about this special person.

    Hugs, Terri (one of the many friends you have with that name!)

  5. These are indeed wonderful, cheering cards/artworks. I heard on the radio this morning that the Obama's purchased certain clothing items they wore at the inauguration at J. Crews. Now there is a rush on J. Crew clothing. :)

  6. love the cat!:) and everything is so very colorful! And happylooking,
    vive Obama:)

  7. specially love the cactuses. wow!


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