Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Proud To Be American Today!

Did you watch the Inauguration?
What did you think?
What did you feel?
Did you have tears in your eyes as I did?
Were you moved by the music, the prayers, the speech?
Share with me your reactions to today's historic events.
I am really excited to be alive today to watch Barak Obama inaugurated as President of These United States of America. I am really happy and proud that my grandchildrens' first President will be an African American. I am hopeful that in spite of the fact that our economy is in dire straights, our unemployment is at an all time high, that we are involved in several wars, that against all these odds and challenges that Barak Obama and his staff will do his and their best to help guide us out of this mess and pave the way for a better America. I am hopeful that the changes he will make will help us world wide. I am proud to be an American Today!
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  1. Lynn, this is a great day for the rest of the world too:) I will be watching this for sure!

  2. Well put. Must edit. Unemployment at an all time high, not low. No?

  3. Andrea, I just finished watching the inaugural address by Obama and I have tears in my eyes still.
    So eloquent he speaks! I was/am deeply moved. By the music, the poetry, the prayers and the SPEECH!
    What a day, what a memorable day.

    Suki, thank you for catching that edit for me, I fixed it. Much appreciated.

  4. Lynn,

    I have just been watching the inauguration and am feeling even more proud than before. I, too, was moved to tears. I can't tell you how peaceful it is around here...people are so happy, so proud, so kind to each other. I just hope this kindness far, so good!

    Thanks Lynn!

  5. I watched. I cried. I never cry. Very inspiring and moving.

  6. PS heard an interview with Jesse jackson's daughter in which she said Barack is the dreamer, His wife the practical one who keeps him on track. Interesting thing to think about.

  7. So many feelings, it is hard to put into words. yep, I had tears, this ment so much, and I believe he wants to make a difference...America was really beautiful today. Hugs, Mary

  8. I have been so emotional all day. I was exhausted by bed time. This is the most excited I have been for a new president in my 44 years. I have faith that we have chosen a good man for the job.


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