Sunday, February 22, 2009

Come with us on a wonderful Saturday Adventure to San Francisco, Pt. Reyes Station and Bodega Bay

Settle back and follow us through our day yesterday and I will show you the sights in our area. First we are crossing the Bay Bridge into San Francisco on a beautiful sunny day in on photos to enlarge details... See Coit Tower in the middle of this overview of the City... I love the stunning glass buildings mixed with the old bricks... more new than old in this shot... a street car from Milan, Italy runs on this street...
another way to get around to see sights of the City...
Saturday Market is always full of locals and tourists...
hustle bussle of the people among the bright fruits for sale....
This designer's fabric depo caught my eye as we drove by...
and now we are walking to the historic ships docked
on Hyde Street Pier, my DH's favorite haunt...
This is the CH Thayer being restored. Years ago we'd come to sit in her hull
and sing Shanty Songs on a Saturday night...
and yes, that is the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.
There is the chocolate store in the distance...
The pier is kept so well...sailors knots, fresh paint...
This was a special day as DH was finally old enough to buy his own
"OLD AGE PASS" for getting into National Parks for FREE!
He no longer has to use mine!
Guess who I was thinking of when I saw these daisies?
And now we are driving the long winding road past the Golden Gate Bridge on our way...
to Olema and Stinson Beach, and finally Pt. Reyes Station...
I love the tall redwood trees...
finally the ocean comes into view...
We took a walk down to overlook a small beach where many, many elephant seals
had come to birth their babies...
Those are not logs on the beach they are elephant seals.
Driving on we saw a lot of cows...
and crows (for you know who)...
and at days end we were treated to the most beautiful sunset...
At Bodega Bay we buy fresh clam chowder, SF Sour Dough bread and drive to the headlands
overlooking the ocean and sunset to eat and repair
for the long drive home.
I hope you enjoyed taking the trip with us.
It was a beautiful day.


  1. Oh what a fun day. I really enjoyed the whole thing. Thanks for taking us along. :)
    I see you thought of Teri from painted Daisies and The crow for HB. I find I do that to when seeing things of interest. It now reminds me of my friends. I bet you feel refreshed and renewed now.

  2. What a beautiful day! Thank you for allowing us to travel along with you. What a great idea, I'll have to try it one day.

  3. What a glorious trip. Thanks for taking me, us, along. The countryside, and cityside are so beautiful. How neat DH is now an official senior citizen and can partake of all the benefits thereof! Be well, Suki

  4. i do so enjoy your magical mystery tours. and now you have made some brand new memories.

  5. WOW!! You're always going on great trips! Lovely scenery and a lovely day. I want to see the Redwoods too! All of your photos made me feel nostalgic ... even though I've never been there.


  6. Oh my gosh, what a fun and fabulous journey! I'm so happy you took us along (and showed me those daisies). Each photo shot is truly eye candy. And I have been to Bodega Bay a long time ago so I loved that part of it.

    And here is the most hilarious part....oh my gosh....your DH looks so like mine, right down to the face hair. Please don't tell me he was a Marine too.

  7. Thank You Lynn these are wonderful pictures and I am a California girl living in Idaho. I lived in Southern California and Northern. I went to High school in a small town...Placerville. We have family all over, but we haven't made a trip for a few years and you took me with you, Thank You Dear Friend, Hugs, Mary

  8. I'm glad so many of you enjoyed the trip. It was a good day.
    And to day it has rained non-stop. We sure chose the right day to go.

    Elspeth, you keep hinting...when are you coming here?

    Teri C., nice to know we have similiar taste in bearded men, however mine was not a marine. ;-)

    Mary, I'm glad you could enjoy "going home again" so to speak. Placerville is very close to me...on the road to Lake Tahoe, right? I am sure I have been through it.

  9. Gosh, thank you, I didn't take much space up in the back did I???
    The tram, the clams, the bridges, wow, I loved it, and of course those wonderful seals, thank you so much, I'm off for a knap now...

  10. What a glorious day!
    Thanks for taking me along, I love SF!
    The cow pictures seemed do Dutch to me!
    And the vieuws!!!! The elephant seals, wow, wow wow!

  11. Thanks a great day was had by all

  12. Lynniskynni, what fun to ride with you:) Wonderful pictures, thanks fo sharing. The elephant seals are so impressive, and look funny too:)
    Wonderful sunset, makes be want to be there with you
    have a great week

  13. Welcome Crow, thanks for coming to visit. Do fly over again.

    I'm glad you all enjoyed this road trip. It was a bit crowded in the car with all of you there (Jude) but more enjoyable knowing you all had such a good time. ;-)

  14. Wow, hard to believe you saw all this in one day. I guess that is because you did not stop at the fabric store! Thanks for sharing, I love to see places other than this little corner of the States.

  15. Ah, Lynn - I missed you by a couple of days! I was in San Fran too, from Monday to Thursday!

    It rained the first couple of days, but then I got to enjoy the sun ... walks, playing skipping rope with my nieces and nephew (who also migrated south with my sister and my brother in law because of the winter snows).

    The pictures are lovely!


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