Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Fooling around with doodles on brown paper bags after making two to turn into big envelopes for mailing my grand kids fabric Valentines. Valentine Fun! Are you going to join in this fun?

Pre-pre-Happy Valentine Wishes to Every One Here.

Special Good Wishes for our friends in Australia. May you be safe.

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  1. These are fun. The first one looks like it could be a scarf. You keep coming up with cool ideas.

  2. Great images! Which blog do you use the most? Wonderful work! Hello from Puerto Rico.

  3. Lynntangles, love it!! Happy Valentine's to you too. I'm sure your grandkids are going to love their presents.

  4. Oh such wonderful valentangles!!!

  5. snap, i joined in too with a zentangley idea...glad to see your comp is working well again. grannie's bag is going to be so full of goodies for those two sweeties of yours.

  6. I love all these new names for zentangles. These are great.

  7. Oh, these are so cool! And don't you love such big surfaces, which cost NOTHING? Paper bags are fun when you gesso them, too--I used to make journals out of them.

  8. Cris, a scarf is a great idea!

    Cynthia, thanks for coming to visit.
    Do come back. This is my "almost daily blog..." The others are for storing art quilt projects (Textile art quilts by Lynn); or an art quilt group I am apart of: Around the World in 20 quilts shows work of 20 art quilters; the Health one needs to be updated...

    Jude, I mailed off the huge brown bag lynntangled envelopes to the kids with their fabric valentines just now...I agree they will love them. Happy Valentines Day to you too.

    Teri C. Glad you like my "Valentangles!" Cute name for these!

    Soul: Glad you are getting on the "tangle" band wagon! You don't know the half of it yet re: grandie bags! You just wait and see! ;-)

    Suki, thanks...they are fun!

    Karen, nice to see you it's been a while! Yes to all you said...I love the brown bag drawing surface. Must try the Gesso next! Cool ideas you have.

    Marianne,thanks. I bet you have made some in mondela form.

  9. I wish I could stay home and decorate paper today. Once again I say LUCKY grandkids. K

  10. How fun!!! I love that you do so many wonderful arts projects with them...what great memories you all be able to hold on to for years to come!

  11. Beautiful! I really like them done on the brown paper bag.

  12. I think your paper bag art is lovely and fun all at the same time. I understand that purses and totes are being made out of Brown bags. Just an idea.
    Hugs, Mary


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