Monday, February 9, 2009

Rainy Days In No. California Needed Due To Drought

camera takes in wet rain left on leaves of red geranium plant...can't recall how many years I have had this plant...she comes back to life each spring and gives wonderful color nearly all year long... bare tree in back yard reminds us that winter is still upon us...birds coming in more numbers large one up top right here... our cat watched out the glass door as a very big fat red robin danced over wet grass digging for I did NOT let him out...
and this lone dead fig leaf hangs on to branches clinging to life...
rain drops add beauty to daffodils that look like dancing one eyed winged
ballerina dripping limb of fig tree looks like skinny arm reaching out for spring!
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  1. Ah beautiful pictures. Love the drop of rain on the flower. Makes it look like some sort of exotic flying bug. :) We have a cold damp fog today. Possible snow coming to us tomorrow. Our early spring is gone. boo hoo. :)

  2. lovely, that barren tree looks like mine in my backyard. hugs.

  3. These photos are just gorgeous Lynn. Sometimes about those hanging rain drops is so enchanting.

    While we here in AZ are waiting for the predicted snow in the valley!! Go ahead and laugh. teehee. I can only remember snow here once in the 10 years we have been here. us snowbirds get so spoiled with nice sunny weather.

  4. Glad you are having rain, because you need it.
    Tonight it raining cats and dogs here, we don´t need it.......I rather send it to California or Australia!

  5. lovely photos. Rain so lovely in the spring.


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