Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trouble in Blogland, Not Fixed, but Got in Via Picasa

Blogger is giving me trouble today, won't let me add photos, won't let me leave comments on your blogs. I hope this clears up soon. Wishing you all a good Sunday! I finally was able to blog via Picasa, but even that was not an easy route. ?????????????????????????


  1. I am commenting here to see if I am having problems too. I guess if you get it I'm not. :) At least on commenting. Havent tired to blog something with pix.

  2. Thanks Cris, since this came in I guess its me, my computer????

  3. bloody computers, i do so hate them...we are too dependent o the bloody things. grrrr. hope it sorts itself out soon.

  4. Oh I get so aggravated when Blogger does this. Altho it hasn't done it in a long while.


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