Friday, March 6, 2009

A spring day sky watch for Friday

Happy Friday Skywatch
Clouds over Spring Flowering Trees


  1. Lovely clouds. It does look like a spring day there with leaves and flowers budding on the trees.

  2. HUGE APOLOGY from ME! I opened up comments today and I had TEN (10)! Five were from HB. One was a duplicate and as I went to delete the one duplicate I deleted all the others I had read and intended to publish without realizing it. I know there was one from Teri C., Cris, Jude, HB, so I apologize for accidently deleting your very much appreciated comments on this and other posts here. OY.

  3. :)
    no problem!
    happy you read them...

    in Gmail deleted mails go to TRASH and can be retrieved to INBOX... the mail you use may have the same feature...


  4. yes defintiely got a springy feel to it. i am seeing maggie on sunday...yipppeeeeeeee.

  5. Well maybe you can retrieve them from your Gmail trash can like HB suggested.
    I forget what I said now. something like the cloud looked like it was giving us a hug. :}

  6. you are so funny, the boxing gloves are hand mittens to keep her hands warm, she had very cold hands. ha ha.


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