Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Blooming Tuesday

Happy Blooming Tuesday...The US contingent should be coming down from a three day weekend...and ready to return to work or otherwise "normal life"...not sure if the "Abroad" Group had anything different going on this past weekend or not...but welcome to the regular week and how better to start it than with some pretty flowers and three ATCs s for trade? ATCs #1: Water Color Yellow Flower... #2: Stamped "Don't Fence Me In" #3: Watercolor orange flower


  1. Wonderful flower ATCs. lovely flowers for today too.

  2. Hey Lynn! These are so pretty! You certainly stay busy!

    I need your email address so I can send you the mailing list for the Sketchbook chain. I don't see it on your blog anywhere. I have your mailing address, but not your email. Mine is

  3. Isn't this crazy, I sneaked in through your name to your blog and it worked.

    Beautiful flowers and ATCs. That fenced in one is so darn cute and clever. You're doing great with those stamps.


  4. You're keeping busy! I don't have anything to trade although I'm working on some collage ones.
    Oy...too much to do!
    These are happy and colorful!

  5. don't fence me in
    and the orange flower
    i can see these two and WOW!

    they are so lively and beautiful!
    the orange flower really changed my mood... your art is healing!


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