Sunday, May 31, 2009

House Hold Chores = Gratefulness; 1/3rd of 1st sketchbook page

This is one third of a three part first page of my "Girlfriends" sketchbook, I'll be finishing up and sending on to the next artist of the ten of us to add to. I used hand dyed ribbon, felt, and wool roving, which I machine felted to black craft felt. Then I used embroidery floss and metallic threads to hand sew around the fabrics. Size: 9" X 6" I spent a good deal of yesterday doing house hold tasks. One of which was cleaning my refrigerator. One part of this was me sitting on the kitchen floor trying to put all the clean parts back together, finding I had this one long metal bar that only seemed to fit in one spot but once there the crisper drawers did not slide past it. Try as I might to position it in different ways I could not get it where it might belong. I swore, I laughed, I finally gave up and laid it on the bottom floor of the fridge till someone less spatially challenged than myself came along to fix it for me. And after doing the grocery shopping, something my DH normally does, but he is under the weather with exhaustion this weekend, I came home to put the food away and I became so very much aware of what abundance we have. I thought of saving this for what some are calling "Grateful Thursday"...but decided to post it today. There is so much poverty in our world, so many people living on the streets, going hungry... I just realized how fortunate we are to have a fridge to fill with food.


  1. This is looking good. These traveling Art books are going to be fabulous.
    Thats one clean Fridge.... Hope someone figures out that extra bar. :))

  2. Great felt piece!!

    I need to tackle my fridge soon. Today it's the kitchen cabinets. You know that greasy film they get? My uncle is arriving tomorrow in the middle of this torn up place~heaven help me get everything done :P

    Let's trade refidgerators!

  3. hope dh is feeling better, teacher's fatigue i know all about it. you are so right, we are so very very lucky.

  4. Your books are going to be so intersting and wonderful.

    Only you would clean out the refrig and have such wise commentary about it. And it's all too true.

  5. I just cleaned my fridge, and found that it was also bear. So off to Cosco I went to fill it back up. I have been so busy with Arney that I just didn't pay attention to how dirty we were getting in there. I should have taken a picture. It always feels so good to get things clean and bright. Love the sketchbook page so are so talented.
    Hugs, Mary

  6. Yes, we are very very lucky to have such abundance in our lives.


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