Friday, May 29, 2009

Sketch Book Cover is DONE!

Okay, I've taken on another challenge! Katey of "Kate's Corner" (see her blog in my side bar and visit to watch the progression of ten books being made by ten artists in a round robin fashion so that we each will wind up with a book with our own art on page one, and each of the other nine artists on the nine pages there after! The first step was to make a cover for our own book, which we will keep at home until our book comes back to us (nine artist pages richer) in however long that takes... My cover is made on a piece of black foam board. It is 9" across and 6" tall. I used ribbons by Vivian that I got from her ETSY store to embellish it. The central piece I machine felted using lace, ribbons, wool roving, felt scraps, thread nest, cotton fabric, and silver twine! I hung a silver metal sign from that that says "CREATE" on it. Something I picked up from Susan Steins' Quilt Shop in Minnesota last summer. I hand stitched some silver metallic threads to match the silver twine across the top. And I love it! My Cover!


  1. You amaze me!!!! I can't wait to learn new stuff soon.

  2. loving this lynnie. i have done my first page, which will be sent to YOU to attach the second page to and so on..and I will do the cover when I get the whole thing back. you and i are both MAD!

  3. Is there anything you CAN'T DO? LOL
    Brilliant as usual.

  4. Lolo, learning something new every day is a great challenge! Keeps life so interesting.

    Soul, if Mad means Crazy you are oh so right. But aren't we having fun? Now go rest!!!

    Cris, NO, I think not much!
    Unless you are talking sky diving or bungie cord jumping...I can't do that!

  5. You will have such a good good feeling welling up inside your spirit from participating this sketchbook exchange... I was involved in a Maruman Watercolor SketchBook exchange with three other artists last summer/fall...We each had 10 pages to complete in each pther's was the most invigorating and liberating thing I have ever done in my whole artistic life...Can't wait to see your creations! :)

  6. Lynn,

    I didn't go back to see that I was getting that wonderful felted abstract and I was SO pleasantly surprised when my husband brought in the mail! It will be part of my Thankful Thursday next week for sure ;) Thanks so much!! I owe you.

  7. Hi Lynn,
    Your cover is gorgeous!
    I have an idea in my head swirling around for mine, but haven't started yet. This will be SO much fun!
    I tried to get on your blog last week or so to see if you wanted to trade an art card with me, but Blogger was being a Booger. Pop over and see if there's something of mine you'd like,,I'd love to trade for any one of your Sunflowers available! (or any other one too, I like them all)
    (Email me with your mailing address if interested)

  8. Lynn, this is simply stunning! I can't wait to see how the rest of your art will look. You are a very creative person. You Go Girl!

  9. This looks so wonderful. Love the little Create sign hanging off too.

  10. Wow! So beautiful, I really love the mixed colours fun here:)
    By the way, how long did you take to finish it?

  11. wonderful cover. I wont make my cover till I get my book back. Cant wait to see all the books as they arrive.

  12. This is fablous. I have been watching other blogs just amazed by what everyone is coming up with for these books. What a treasure it will be for all of you.


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