Saturday, May 9, 2009

Skies on Friday; And Two More ATCs Traded! And One More Up for Trading!

I am not sure which day this week I shot these sky photos but I loved the popcorn look to it. I think they preceded some rain! Now however, we are done with rain, and the temp is in the mid 80s! Hot out! A nice weekend. I'll be at a Whole Earth Fair in the morning today, hopefully enjoying Terry Busse's art, as well as other artisans work; and in the afternoon: WITH MY GRANDCHILDREN! and daughter! So you know how happy I am!!!! ;~) Happy Mother's Day!!!! Yesterday I got emails from Angela in the UK and Marianne in the Netherlands asking for ATCs of mine. And Angela asked for one made with dryer sheets also, and this is what I created for her using some batik fabric from my stash and more of the left over green dyed dryer sheets for the border and leaf. #7 Marianne liked my #5 but it was already spoken for so I made her another much like it! And here it is... #8 Yesterday I mailed them out. Artist Trading Cards, all fabric ones, went to Laurel in California, Julie in Florida, Lisa in Indiana, Angela in UK, Marianne in The Netherlands, Deepa in Dubai, Mim in MA and Cris in Oregon. Is that a wonderful circle of artist friends or what? Watch your mail boxes everyone! Am I having fun yet? You betcha I am! I hope you are too. ;~) #9 One more up for Trade /Oops given away already, I'll make more tomorrow: Purple Rainbow and Bubbles Sparklier in person! What looks like gray here is purply irridisent Angelina fibers. Have a wonderful weekend no matter what you do. May your cups runnith over with happiness and joy. Be creative, take a rest, hike a hill, eat something nummy, hug someone you love, read a good book, enjoy life. Each day is special and important. Each minute counts! Who said all this? Me, that's who! LOL


  1. love your cheery outlook on life, and all that joy you put into your atcs. i am definitely up for three of these new look sewn ones, this one first please. (the three i have of yours are in my atc book, but as they weren't the right size, i want more (good excuse!)
    enjoy the grands, can't wait to see photos please grannie lynnie, i will see maggie tomorrow too...yipppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Hi Lynn! I love your atcs - aren't dryer sheets amazing? I have been making hearts and inchies with mine (see my header is made with dryer sheet inchies!) - I can't get enough. I like to paint them with metallic paints. I like how you bordered your atcs with green - it makes for a nice frame/contrast.

  3. The skies are lovely but the atc's are mind blowing. Really really stunning. Have a lovely mothers day.

  4. Thank you, Thank you very much Lynn. I am eagerly waiting for my post:)

  5. Soul I will make three just for you. These are all spoken for already. But tell me if there's something about them you like and I'll incorporate it in yours! Thanks for asking!
    Have fun with Maggie! Fun that we'll both be Granding together! ;~)

    clevelandgirlie, yes, dryer sheets ROCK! I will try metallic paint next. thanks for the idea!

    Judy, Happy Mother's Day to you too. Glad you like my ATCs, thanks a bunch.

    Deepa, it's on it's way!

  6. Your on a roll with those ATC's. They are lovely. Good going.
    I cant wait for mine.
    Have a wonderful weekend. It is starting off fabulously it seems.

  7. Oh such lovely ATCs Lynn. The sewn ones are fabulous. I would love to do a swap with you if you're up for it? I am making a few at the moment and will post them on my blog soon, so you can see if there's anything you like. Love your blog.

  8. These skies are just popping with enthusiasm like you are Lynn. Happy Mother's Day.

  9. Beautiful!!! I got your ATC sent out on Friday! I am looking forward to yours arriving soon! Thanks, Lynn!!!

  10. I have sent yours in the mail today!
    Love the painted #18 and the mini ATC quilt you have made for me!
    What an adventure you have had with your bro! Terrible! Lucky it was nothing life threatening!
    But this is bad enough......

    hug >M<

  11. Now that I have been bitten by the ATC bug I would love to trade with you if you will accept painted ones.

    Love all of these you have made.

  12. BT, I will come looking and will send you one of mine. Just email me your address please:

    Teri C. Let me see, do I want a painted ATC from you, well, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, OF COURSE I DO Silly woman! LOLOLOL Let's trade.
    Do I have your address already?
    email please:


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