Friday, June 26, 2009

Lynn From The Road Checking In. We are on day six of our trip. Days 4, 5, were filled with beauty beyond words. The Grand Tetons are indescribably awesome, Lake Jenny...we hiked a bit/walked/DH stopped by a wall looking out over the lake with the backdrop of the Tetons covered in snow...I stopped and leaned back next to him, looked up and said: "What do we do with this?" He said: "We look at it." Maybe you had to be there...but we were in such awe! In Yellowstone I love Artist's Point, such an apt name for this tremendous waterfall...while driving through that park we got our fill of buffalo, grizzly and black bears. A drive in Montana next took us to a place called The Top Of The World. I have to say I was terrified at times we'd fall off the top, but the views were spectacular...snow too...The big fat reddish brown marmots were adorable there. Came down that Mt. into Red Lodge, Montana. Saw an art quilt show the next day in the local art gallery. Nice stuff. Then drove on to Rapid City, So. Dakota where we are now. On the road again to MN. Will be able to blog some photos from there. Hugs to all. I miss your blogs but might be able to catch up soon.


  1. It sounds so beautiful and perfect!!!
    I know you are going to have beautiful photos for us.

  2. i enjoy travelling this with you, as it is mostly unknown for me.

  3. Ah I agree with SB. I dont travel at all so this is my virtual trip on the road with Lynn. Grin. I cant wait for the pix. Have a safe trip to Sis in laws house.

  4. Sounds like an amazing trip. Can't wait for the pictures.


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