Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Graduation Allen!

Tomorrow we should be in Minnesota and we will be honoring both the memory and life of my dear MIL and the graduation from college of her grandson/our nephew Allen. Allen graduated from the University of Minnesota in Duluth from the drama department. He is a very talented young man who not only acts, but sings and dances too. He also learned directing, costuming, make up, set making, etc. I hope he gets to live out his dream and is successful in the world of acting and theater. We are very proud of him.


  1. It sounds like you will have a very emotional weekend. Enjoy all your family.

  2. Hope you made it in time to MN. Sounds like some happy times and some sad times ahead with this visit. Nice looking nephew. Wishing him lots of success.

  3. aaaw happiness shines forth. congrats allen.


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