Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grateful Thrusday From On The Road

Today I am grateful that you are still tuning into to my blog even though you know I have posted ahead all this week since we are traveling. I have no idea how many buffalo, elk, moose, bear or other wild life we have already seen or not! No idea how many Indian burial sites, museums, fossil hunts we have experienced. But be sure that some or all of this has happened or will soon happen and we are undoubtedly having the time of our lives! Thanks...We should be in MN the day after tomorrow, of that I am sure...or at least it is the plan. Stay tuned! And be grateful for your blessings in life. Count them when you have nothing better to do... ;-) PS the buffalo above is from our last winters vacation photos!


  1. ha ha you cheated showing us last wonter's photo. now you will have to show us even more after this holiday...enjoy.

  2. I know your having the time of your life. Bet you're getting some really cool photos. Keep enjoying. Cool shot from last year.

  3. You are too funny Lynn, how could we possibly forget you when we look forward to your posts everyday!!! and you never disappoint. Can't to hear the updayed report.


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