Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sun Shines At Show!

This art show was for me one of my most positive and wonderful all around experiences to date. First of all, many of you know that our dear Mim purchased my sunflower art quilt before I even got it to the show. It was still wet! ;~) This is the first time at a show where I actually got to listen to people talking about my art. And better still had the opportunity to meet other quilt artists and tell them about the process of making this piece. They were so interested, had many questions, and were abundantly kind with compliments. I cannot tell you how very proud I felt to have my art hanging with all of these other marvelous pieces. The collection is a combination of children and teen art, other amateur adults and professional adult art. There is sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, oil, watercolor and acrylic paintings, collage/mixed media and photography. It was all there!!! Mine was one of four fabric pieces. But we were judged with all the rest together. My friend Diane was there and she told me she knew the artist who did this painting. I loved the fact that the center of the sunflower is painted bubble wrap! This beautiful watercolor with a hint of sunflowers won a first prize! Now listen carefully. This wall is all art by young children. The top one here is by a seven year old boy and he won a first prize in his age group. I thought it had been done by an adult! This is another of the fabric pieces. I loved the huge three dimentional flower face. It must stand out three inches! It is glued to a piece of canvas. This was a very attractive, brightly colored ceramic piece I admired. I could not believe this artist did not win any prize. This metal sculpture was so well done and so clever! My photo does not do it justice! Bravo to this artist!!!! I understand that this professional artist has won many prizes. Even her frame is delightfully and brightly painted. Her sunflowers just rang off the canvas. So pretty! It was a delight to meet the artist of this fabic wall hanging. She sees herself as a more traditional quilter, and had nothing but such nice things to say to me about mine. This collage piece won a first prize! I really admired this digital photo of sunflowers. Diane said the photographer teaches photograpy at the art center where the show was held. It was such fun to see the people looking at all the art. They really seemed so interested, stood for long periods before pieces, talking, pointing, asking questions. And of course I got really excited when they came to mine. Sometimes I could not hear what was being said, but their eyes and pointing fingers spoke volumes! This woman was a traditional quilter, who aspired to be an art quilter. But she said she didn't have the "vision" I had. She was so curious about my process, inquizative, she told Diane that they should have me come and speak to their group! Oh my. By this time my head was starting to swell a bit. I was feeling like I was walking a few feet off the ground. She was very impressed with my labeling. Another woman came up to me and introduced herself. She said she'd been there the day my quilt had come in. She said I must have heard them all falling all over it with their ohs and ahs...She was sorry it had sold. Well happy for me...but... Now, that was really nice to hear! Wow! Okay, Lynn, Deep breath! Come back down to earth! No, no shiny ribbons on this one, but oh my goodness, can't you just SEE the KUDOS folded into the creases of the fabric? It is all puffed up and glowing from it's evening of glory on the wall of the Davis Art Center!!!!


  1. I know good stuff when I see it!! what a great show this was, love all the interpretations...but your's is the best !

  2. and my chest is swelling with pride seeing you and your quilt. so glad that mim is going to own it, what a good 'home' it is going to. and as for the rest of the art, i am in total awe at each and every one of them. WOW! thanks so much for taking me to the show with you.

  3. Oh! well done, Lynn, you did so well. I'm so happy for you.And excited.
    Lucky, lucky Mim too

  4. So very pleased that you had a great time. It is so nice when other people find your work appealling. So what if your head started to swell, you deserved the praise. Lucky Mim.

  5. I think you could have sold that piece many times over. Good for Mim for knowing it first. :) It IS an awesome piece and looked so wonderful there. What is that last photo of..? Did you do that as your label? BRAVO LYNN you have come far in a short time. I think you do have a vision that many don't have.

  6. Lynn,
    I love the picture of you next to your beautiful quilt! You look very happy. It must feel wonderful seeing people enjoying your creation. I'll bet you are making new friends as you are out spreading your artistic wings.
    Hugs and admiration,

  7. Wow...your piece was the gem of the show! Congrats on getting your feet wet in an art show. I hope this encourages you to do more.

    I'm blown away by the painting by that 7 year old!! Is it for sale? Can you find out? I think the matting compliments it really well.

    Thanks for "bringing us" to the show Lynn!!

    Mim...I know you'll hang this in a place of honor ;)

  8. Wow Lynn, I'm so thrilled for you :o) That's a beautiful quilt and Mim you're a lucky girl to own it.

    I've made a sunflower postcard this weekend - I'll post a photo tomorrow - they are such beautiful flowers :o)

  9. Wow, this is really a great show. I could tell your piece on the wall immediately. Congrats.

  10. I feel blessed just knowing you. Congrats on all the positive feed back. I can see the caliber of art in this show was very high and your piece shined through.

  11. Mim, big smile here. So glad you like it "the best"...
    Get your wall ready!!!!

    Soul, glad you enjoyed the show, proud sister! ;~)

    Jude, thanks!

    Judith, yes, it felt so good, still does, and thanks again.

    Cris, that last photo is a certificate of appreciation that all the artists got who entered a piece in the show. I was proud to receive it.
    Thanks for all your praise as well.

    TerBear, yes! It did feel GOOD, and yes, I do believe I am making new friends in the artquilt world.

    Lolo, yes, the 7 yrs olds' piece is for sale. It is $100. If you are interested call Marilyn Moyle at 530 756 8475 and perhaps she can connect you to the artist/family about purchasing it.
    You have my permission to copy the photo off my blog for that purpose. I do not know the name of the child, sorry.

    Angela, thanks, I will check out your sunflower postcard.

    KJ thanks and glad you enjoyed the show!

    Lisa, you are too kind. Thank YOU!!!

  12. What a FUN evening of watching people look at and ooh and aah over your gorgeous sunflower. I felt like I was there with you, trying to eavesdrop too.

  13. Recognition well deserved, and GOOD for you, Girlfriend!

  14. What a wonderful show of flowers in art...Mim must be glowing just like your sunflower quilt! It's just lovely!

  15. Kelly, glad I could draw you into the mood of the show with me. Hard for me to eavesdrop with my poor hearing. LOL but did get lots of great conversation direct with people about my art piece.

    Babs, thanks!!!!

    Teri of the Cats...thanks! Yes, it was quite amazing seeing all those flowers. One huge bright and beautiful garden.

    And lets not forget that this was also all about promoting awareness regarding Mental Illness and Mental Health!

  16. Congrats Lynn, I am so happy that your artworks have spoken for you. There are so many beautiful and creative ieces here.
    I am glad to hear people love, appreciate and want to know more of the process of your works.
    Keep up your hardwork Lynn, you are a big shinning star to me and friends!

  17. Hi Lynn,
    I just saw this art show last week and again yesterday.
    I love your sunflower Lynn. It is beautiful! I love the whimsy and color and all that thread.


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