Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grateful Saturday on Sunday! And My Beautiful Teen Grand Daughter and Grand Son

I was perusing Face Book today and came across these wonderful photographs of my older grandchildren, who live in Oregon, on my grand daughters FB site. Here are my two grand kids with their mom. K. is 16 1/2; M. is 19. Love those Dreads? Here is my first born son, and GD K. Is she not a beauty? And do they grow up so much faster these days or did our mom's and grandma's say the same thing about us? I think not. AHHHHHHHHHH...Siblings. More art to be grateful for as well. Mim sent me this terrific drawing of shoes on a card along with the ATC below. Is this not adorable? I love it, framed, so I can set it up on my desk to view all the time...and framed also in lace and can you see those sweet tiny buttons along the bottom? Thanks Mim, I love them both so much. the little girl in the photo looks very much like my aunt as a little girl. Same hair cut and era~ I also got an ATC from Studio Lolo, but I am not allowed to post it yet. It's a J for our ABC blog but we are just on "F" next week...someone please remind me to post this when "J" time comes around. LOL Every year as a part of the Sunflower Art Show one piece of art is chosen to be put on a seed packet of sunflower seeds. The packets are then sold to raise money for the Mental Health Alliance in Yolo County, CA. This years art chosen is that of a six year old, and again I think there must be something in the water in Davis, as this childs' art is exceptionally well done too. He won $100 for having his art chosen for this purpose! He was so cute up on the stage collecting his prize and recognition last night too. And finally one more sunflower from moi! Drawn in ink and painted with my little watercolor set on the couch one evening last week. Hard to get sunflowers out of my head just yet. I wanted to add to yesterday's post that after leaving the art show and driving through town to get a bite to eat there was a rainbow in the sky! (no rain, but a very definite rainbow! Felt so right after such a lovely lovely evening. And today (more things to be grateful for)...we went to pick up a converter box for a little color 13" TV I have upstairs that I watch while walking on my treadmill. I bought this TV in 1978 or 9...around then. It was $300 at the time, a huge amount of money for me then, but I felt my kids and I deserved a color TV. Well, 31 years later it is, we were told, too old to convert. But guess what? The woman at the store (Best Buys) told me she had a 19" TV set in her garage she would GIVE me if I wanted it. It could be converted. And she would bring it to work the next day! So this morning we went to pick it up! How nice is that? FREE!!!! I went on line to get a coupon for a greatly reduced rate on the converter box so as soon as it arrives I can get this NEWer TV up and running while I do my walking!!! Also yesterday we did a major PURGING of our belongings from our house and garage and yard. The old TV, old computers, monitors, printers, a fridge, preschool toys outgrown, clothes no longer worn, my mom's old slide projector and slides; a ton of stuff that took about six car trips to the thrift store to either be recycled or sold. Oh, the kid said they could not take my in perfectly good condition office fridge. He had a list of reasons. Oy, now what? Well, the woman in the pick up next to my car, who was also there unloading stuff asked if I'd like to donate it to a non profit organization she worked for. Wow! Yes! so they took it from my car into her truck and off it went! Receive and Give...round and round it goes where it stops no body knows. (hopefully not in a landfill)... I had a particularly hard time giving up a little Fisher Price doll house that my daughter and grand daughter had played with not to mention tons of little kids in my office between those two...but the young kid doing the collecting said it would go to a good home. ;~) We are lighter now. My list of good things happening keeps happening. A woman came to our door asking if we wanted to sell our pick up truck (it's been sitting out there doing nothing, going no where for a year now) and yes, we want to sell it. Hopefully, DH will do what needs doing to it soon and this young couple can have it! Then Kelly of Kikkipotumus gave me this wonderful award. She is so kind.


  1. you are soooo busy all the time and you tell me to rest! your gd looks a lot like you and your son is so young looking. is that the son that got re-married last august? and btw i gave you that award ages ago! tee hee, keep uo grannie lynnie.

  2. oh what a nice positive post!What lovely grandchildren!
    I love his hair. My son Lars has also long hair.
    Wonderful ATC you got there and I bet Lolo's is also to die for!
    Well thanks for showing and sharing all these wonderful things. You are blessed!

  3. wow - what a busy time. Love the pictures of your that your son's current wife or first wife?
    Note to all! the sneaker picture is Nadlers! not mine (I wish). I bought some of his cards on line but they are not signed - I just don't want anyone to think they are mine (again..I wish)
    The unloading must have felt good, we need to do that again, but when to find the time????

  4. Seeing all of these photos shows how much you have to be grateful for, so many blessings.

  5. Yes, love those dreads. Good looking family.

  6. You have a beautiful family Lynn!!
    I know you're rightfully proud :)

    Wonderful atc from Look at the embellishments!

    As far as the early one I sent you, I have it marked down to remind you. I may even have my computer set up by then but I doubt it. I don't have the image in my laptop..only on my hard drive on the home pc. Although "J" is scheduled for July 19th, you never know.

    I like your playful sunflower! And the choice of art for the sunflower seed packet is just perfect. WOW!

    I've decided to hold off buying the one I asked you about. I have no idea what our new home looks like and how I'll decorate, but I do know money is extra tight right now with us not working and having no jobs to go to. Yikes! Our move is costing nearly $12,000~oy!

    Too much info!

    Great post Lynn...and I love all of the 'pay it forward'stuff that happens in life ;)

  7. Dear Soul: forgive me for not picking up the award when YOU offered it. I often don't as my blog is so jam packed I hesitate to add more things. But know I appreciate it when you give them to me.

    Thanks everyone else for your kind remarks about my family. Yes, it's Dan's first wife in the photo and yes, it was he who remarried last August.

    Lolo, I sure understand your not buying that painting right now. Your interest in it was sound.
    I'm wondering why the move if jobs are not the reason???

  8. What a wonderful post, just made me smile at all the goings on, positive feedback, dallying with sunflowers and random acts of kindness.

  9. Whew!...Beautiful grands! beautiful art...beautiful friends...and ...and...and...Whew!

  10. Wow, too many things to comment on individually. Nice post.

  11. Dear Lynn,
    Wow! Look like you had have a cool busy week......filled with joy and thankfulness.
    Love to see your family and grandchidren, yeah they are so handsome and beautiful.
    They know how to pose well for shotting too.
    Besides, you were trmrndous busy cleaning up the old's not easy!
    I hope you better rest well Lynn.
    Then, you are more lively and energetic facing another busy week ahead!
    Bye and take care:)

  12. I love your new header, so charming, simple but appealing Lynn!
    Congrats on getting the award!
    Lovely ATC flooding you again. You are so lucky Lynn:)

  13. I know you are happy to lighten your load of stuff around the house! It is always a happy time for me!!!

    Your oldest son is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!!!

  14. So many interesting things on here and I enjoyed them all from the grands to the cleaning!!

    Congrats on your show with the quilt. I totally don't understand why you didnt win something!!!!


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