Monday, June 15, 2009

Memory Lane

I am getting a little photo album together with old and not so old photos for my aunt and uncles 90th birthday bash next week. Thought I'd share a bit of my life with you here as it related to them. I believe this is descending order age wise (mine) but not necessarily in strict order. My aunt made me a photo album in 1962 when I married my first husband called "All About Lynn". It was for him, but I still have it. (he and I are divorced) Lots of these black and white photos are from that album. And the words beneath them are aunt Mimi's. The cousin I am holding on my lap in the middle here is Judy, the cousin with all the beautiful cacti in her garden. So let it suffice for HCM (Happy Cactus Monday!) Mimi and Harry had a pool in their back yard and we spent many a summer day visiting them there! I have 55 photos Costco will print up and I will find a little book for them with my written memories attached. A nice family keepsake. I decided to add some of Judy's cacti and other garden flowers here after all. Thanks cousin Judy. Your garden is always so spectacular!


  1. lovely idea and those pictures of you are great

  2. oh lynn, i love what you do for others, i love your family 'heart', and you are so lucky that you are blessed with so many members still around, hcm fellow cactuteer (and what a beauty you were)...oops, and still are!!!!

  3. hey, you had nice legs. maybe still have. Love these old photos and am sure your aunt and uncle with love the album you are putting together. ever so thoughtful, Lynn. happy 90th to them.

  4. Great photo memories. I was thinking the same as Suki. Nice legs. What a sweet thing she did for you and what a sweet thing to do for them. I hope the photos get back in time.

  5. Mim, thanks.

    Soul, yes, I am very blessed with a large family, many close by.

    Suki, you are too sweet! These old legs sort of remember being sweet sixteen. LOL

    Cris, Costco does process photos quickly. I ordered them on line last night and am picking them up at eleven today. They do a beautiful job too.

  6. Beautiful post...full of fond memories..beautiful pictures!!!

    HCM dear Lynn!

  7. I know your Aunt and Uncle will be delighted that you took the time to do a special album for them. Great photos of you too. Happy Cactus Monday.

  8. Oh I love that old photo album what a precious memory you have.


  9. Oh how precious!
    I love to see your uncle and aunt! Have seen them in previous posts and I love to see the love you have for each other.
    The quilt is marvelous, as always! And I love the last cactus shot: cacti mandalas!


  10. These are all so wonderful Lynn. So fun to see you as a young chick!! lol

    HCM for those lovely cacti.

  11.!!! You are quite the hottie Lynn! LOl :)Great love shines in those pics!

    Happy cactus Monday!

  12. WOW...great legs, girl!!! Hot mama!!! LOLOL!

    What a nice album to put together!

    Great family too, for sure!

    Happy CM! Your cousins plants are lushious!!!

  13. Aloha Lynn.
    what a fabulous post!
    PEace, Kai

  14. I loved the family pictures too and that last cactus photo was amazing!

  15. LOVE the photos and the memories! What a joy to share with us! Blessings!


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