Monday, July 20, 2009

Old Friends, New Times

Doreen and I met in high school in 1958. We were best friends for those two final years of school before we launched ourselves into the greater world of life. Dor went off to become a nurse in San Francisco, I went off to flunk out of college and travel the world. Doreen and my paths crossed again when she too showed up on the kibbutz in Israel where I lived as a young bride. She stayed there 6 months, I five years. We met next in California briefly around 1969. And then nothing for the next nearly forty years! As our high school class prepared to celebrate its fiftyith reunion my thoughts went to my best friend in high school. A few weeks ago I put up a search on Face Book for Doreen, who had never left my mind/heart. She had just recently started her own face book page and we connected. Yesterday DH and I drove to her home an hour and a half from ours and we had a most incredible reunion. Five and 1/2 hours of catching up, reminding, remembering, telling, sharing, hugging, eating a most delectable meal and reuniting a friendship that felt like...well words just don't come that can describe how wonderful it was for me to feel the warmth of this friendship rekindled.
Our hostesses with the mostestess: Doreen and Simone.
A few pretty roses I brought to brighten the table.
Only a small part of the beautiful and delicous meal they prepared for us. Two not so old friends happy to be reunited. Thanks Doreen, it was a wonderful wonderful day and evening!
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  1. What a lovely story, thanks for sharing!
    peace, Kai

  2. Wow, this whole episode is so special. Imagine after all these years of lost and now you found each other. Fabulous story Lynn. Thank goodness for Facebook!

  3. lumpin my throat time, wow! incredible story, and you both look so good still.

  4. What a wonderful post...and to find out after all these years and all your meet again...and hour and a half from home!! Spectacular! :)

  5. Oh Lynn what a great story!
    That's frienship, no matter how long path will cross and hearts will connect again!
    Thanks for this positive story!

    Have nice day
    and HCM!!!

  6. Isnt it fun to reconnect with someone you thought you lost. Well I can see it was. What did we do without computers all those years ??? :)

  7. You girl really have fun. Love the last picture where Doreen and you smiled from your true satisfy and contented!
    Friendship is the best, and friendship since!!!!

  8. Inspiring sharing.
    I am so touched:)
    I hope I still can meet up my friends like this!

  9. What fun. Hopefully you won't lose contact again.

  10. lovely picture of you and great story.x


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