Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Busy Bees On Bloomin' Tuesday in My Morning Glories

Pictures speak for themselves...Happy Bloomin' Tuesday


  1. WOW!!!

    How did you create these images???

    thanks for sharing this Lynn...

    on another note... hope you don't mind that i put your link up on another site of mine... you may get some visitors one day soon (the unfortunate kids that are working as my students)...

    wishing these words find you well!!!


  2. I love love love BLUE morning glories! I meant to tell you yesterday how much I loved your new header. Thanks for treating us to even more views today ;)

  3. These are awesome. I too meant to say something about your new header.. How did you get that shot? wow. A standing ovation is due here.

  4. Jon, How? I stood close to my morning glories that grow on a big Rosemary Bush. I set my camera for macro. I pointed at the bees who were busily going into and out of the center of the flowers and I shot them over and over again. T'was easy. They were very cooperative. I did nothing to alter the photos.

    Thanks for putting me on your other blog, happy to go along with this project with your lucky to have you for a teacher students.

    Lolo, the morning glories are bright purple. Interesting that they look blue on your screen.

    Cris, read note to Jon above.

  5. I love that bright blue color!!! Just pops off the screen.


  6. Amazing shots. I have never seen anything quite like them!

  7. You can see just how the bees are lured into the blossom with color. Great photos.

  8. man oh man..these are a-ma-zing..i feel as though i am always repeating myself every time i see your posts. and that header is!

  9. Well, I'll be a bee's behind! If these aren't the coolest photos I've ever seen! That purple is SO purple. That's one happy bee.

  10. these photos are stunning!!! I could just dive in there and wiggle around like the little bee! thanks so much for sharing them!

  11. Love your pictures and you got the bee in action...Yuffe!


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