Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday's Art Making

On Friday last I got up early and started a whole day of making art. One blog friend, Corryna in The Netherlands, had asked if I'd make her an ATC using the mono painting technique I'd used recently on my large "!" piece. So I set about making mono printed fabric. Then I decided I wanted to stamp it too so I made these stamps using craft stick-ons and foam board I had from my stash of kids craft projects. These stick so well you can even wash the paint off later and they still stay in place! I love the black stamped ink on the red and green painted fabric. Gold circles sang loudly too.
This material is linen maybe? I found it in my stash.
I like how the texture of the fabric shows through the paint.
I turned lots of this into nine ATCs which I've sewn together, and am
in the process of adding embellishments to.
To be seen later.
Corryna will get first choice
and then they will be up for grabs.
I mean trade!
I saved out a few large pieces of this painted fabric for my next
artysoulsisters and girlfriends sketchbook pages.


  1. You are cookin on the front burner girl. Go...

  2. btw, you've been tagged, see my post from yesterday.

  3. Not only prolific but colorful too. Cant wait to see the finished projects. Lookin good.

  4. Hmmmm...yeah, the finished ATC's...can't wait to see!!! Yeeeee...BTW...don't you ever take a day off? Even on a holiday???
    You must be doing something right to have such energy and enthusiasm!!! xoxo- Julie

  5. Wow! I love the fabrics you made. I should make some too :-). Your ATC gets in the mail today Lynn. I am looking forward to pick one of your beautiful ATC's.

    And tonight I must get some pictures of things I do on my blog as well. It looks as if I am sleeping, but I am working hard. Although I can't keep up with you :-).


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