Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New ATCs for Trade: Mono Prints/stamped/embellished on Bloomin' Tuesday.

These are the nine ATCs I made
from my own personal mono printing and stamping fabrics
Friday Art Fest.
#1. This first one is black on red and white with some green acrylic paint
top sewn in red and a layer of red tulle on top
and one green inchie tucked inside the tulle #2. Chosen by Corryna: green and blue mono print is top sewn in olive green and black embellished with four brackets in brass & copper; beads and a button strung through with clear nylon wire#3. stamped floral design in red and purple is prettier in person with two purple sparkly embellishment flower centers top sewn in variegated thread #4. mono print in purple, red, blue and green on white is top sewn in loose red stitches #5. blue mono print stamped with off white/vanilla acrylic paint flower stamp is top sewn in variegated thread #6. Chosen by Mieke: little red bird livens up a red, blue, purple, turquoise mono print and is top sewn in variegated thread
#7. black and red mono print stamped in black is topped by red brackets
and a abalone shell turtle
#8. bright blue mono print stamped with flower and embellished with blue bird
and blue beads spelling out "bird"
#9. green, gold, red, blue mono print stamped with circles
embellished with colorful sequins and a bracket holding
the dangling blue wooden bead with sequins all the ATCs are backed with cereal box cardboard
and finally my flowers for bloomin' Tuesday!
Do they not look like a painting?
They are not, they are the real thing
captured by my camera on Sunday in Pt. Reyes Station.
More about that later.
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday
and let me know in comments if you want to trade
an ATC!


  1. Wow they are georgeous!! Would love to trade!!
    Like the red bird atc!!
    I wil make you a felted you like that??
    Please let me know!!

  2. These are all really great, Lynn! I would love to trade, but have gotten away from making ATC's!!! My fav is the little blue birdie one...only cause I like blue (my new color to love), and birds! Great them! Happy trading to you, girl!!!

  3. Lynn I like the 2. 'green and blue mono print', although I also like the others. They all have nice colours and structures. This will be my first ATC trade with you. I already have your first postcard, and now I can add an ATC. Great!

  4. these ATC's are just beautiful and so original.

  5. These atcs are fablous Lynn. THe picture of the sunflowers do look like a painting. HBT.

  6. Wow. I wish I had something to trad with you. These are fantastic. I LOVE that flower photo. It does look like a photo.

  7. Oh Lynn you have outdone yourself again!
    I would love to trade the turtoise one!
    Can you have some patience?
    I have worked on a pile of ATC's in Bonaire but there are not completed yet, if you wait there will be something to choose from.

    Have a nice day! and HBT!

  8. Marianne numbers 2 and 6 are gone. Can you choose another and give me the number of it please.

    I will be patient for your artistic endeavors to be completed.

  9. Not gonna lie - I'm kind of loving these. Your monoprints are really, really cool Lynn. I just dug out that Quilting Arts again because I can't get those monoprint quilts you've done out of my head. Did you use the gelatin, or did you use something else?? I can't remember. These are beautiful

  10. Thanks all for your wonderful praise of my ATCs today.

    Clevelandgirlie, no, I did not bother with the gelatin this time. I just used the bottom of a bowl I have about salad bowl size. The fabric lays on top of the paint which I have poured onto the bowl bottom.And then I moosh the paint around with my fingers on top of the fabric. Take off the fabric and wha la! a mono print!!!! Fun!
    Messy, but fun!

  11. These are great. I also like the bird embellishment...especially the one where you spelled out "bird," too. You just keep coming up with new ideas!

  12. Congrats on winning award from textile blog Lynn!
    I love your attentiveness at work and play.
    These two qualities you have makes your work stand out from the crowd.
    Reason to be happy that God has given you the best talent in this field.
    May God continues to bless you on this.
    Bye Lynn, have plenty fun time creating yeah!

  13. you're killing me, i just wanna trade and trade and trade! pop in tomorrow for a surprise! (just for you).

  14. Oh wow, they are all beauteous!!

    I am still trying to get my feet on the ground so to speak. Maybe a future trade when I get some made. At the rate I am going, it will be awhile.


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