Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Remembering Saturday For Animal Wednesday

On Saturday DH and I drove to Point Reyes Station and met up with my friend Doreen (from HS) and her partner, Simone. The horse showed up unannounced.
I'm starting with human animals first, besides the ones above, as I loved this end of the day silhouette up on the Bodega Bay Headlands this past Saturday. People hiking, flying kites, just having fun. then there was a bumble bee on Simone's head at lunch
not to mention the hordes of yellow jackets that came to dine with us as well
Simone was such a good sport sitting still for just one more picture please!
This was the hugest crow we'd ever seen up high in this big old tree
And then the cormorants hanging out on the rocks in the ocean
It was another one of those very good days!
Happy Animal Wednesday to you and yours!


  1. Great shots. Looks like it was fun, all except the bee in the hair, you torturer you. LOL
    Love the Ocean scene with the birds.

  2. i love cormorants. your friend was a good sport, not allergic to bees i assume. yikes.

  3. I have birded Pt Reyes before. I can imagine the sights and smells. HAW.

  4. Hi Lynn,
    Ahhhh, Bodega Bay.On my list of top beautiful places I've visited. Your last photo here reminds me so well what we saw.
    Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  5. Good AW to you too. Love the beach shot of the cormorants. We had one in our back yard years ago near our pond and I thought it was the most interesting looking bird ever. I didn't know what it was; had to look it up in my reference book.

    I love your ATC's too, especially that green one with the beads.

  6. What a lovely day in California! My heart swelled up to look at the pics and I could FEEL the wonderful weather!!! Amazing bee shot on your friends hair!!!

  7. Hi Lynn

    I am back with you have more Fun!

    Seems like you had real fun!!!And nice pics(as always)

  8. I just about eeked when I saw that bee in her hair. What a good sport is right!!

    All great shots!


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