Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Drawings by my artistic GD and ME on Animal Wednesday

Sunday at the music festival my grand daughter and grand son got very interested in my zentangles and other art in my sketchbook. My grand daughter took pen in hand and had a hand at it herself. This first drawing is of her cat, Pfeifer, and perfect for Animal Wednesday, don't you agree? Notice the Zentangled rug beneath the cat. I quickly drew this cat for them as we sat and listened to the music. GD asked me to draw her a fairy and then she proceeded to decorate the zentangled parts.
Then she drew her own fairy!
Again, she "got" the zentangle bug and
proceeded to draw this accordingly.
She wrote that sentence herself
to her friend Ella.
It says: "To Ella Love Yael".
How sweet is that? And then another fairy
I did some sketching while listening to the music too
I drew this one with the grand kids watching me telling me
who to draw next and what color pen to use!
I drew 94 yr old Faith Petric earlier in the day.
And this is the scene out my office window yesterday
while the rains came down in buckets and the winds blew and blew
and blew...
One huge tree limb fell in our backyard, but I think that
is all the damage we incurred.
I'll know more come morning.
In the meantime
Have a Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. Oh, I love this!!! You are really giving them a love of art, Lynn! I am going to keep it up with my grandson too...he keeps on talking about the cutting he did with grandmas scissors the other day!
    Aren't grandkids just the best little wonders in the world!!!

  2. Lovely shot with the leaf pressed against the window. And I like the fairies.

  3. Your grands are so lucky to have a grandma that nutures their artistic side. Your GD's cat and fairies are great.

  4. So much here this morning. I will need to come back to drink it all in but there is some pretty good art going on here. That 94 year old you drew looks just like her and the drawings and colorings you GD did was darling and she is sure growing as an artist. Keep up the good work instilling that in her.

  5. did you say they are 3? or is it 4? never mind which one, no 3 year olds in my nursery class can draw like this and very very few 4 year olds either. thanks for great pics from their kindergarten celebrations.

  6. great drawings by you and your grandkids. how luck they are to have your example of making art wherever and whenever

  7. hi Lynn, it has been too much time since I last visited you here:) I love the kids' drawings (and your's of course:) and love the three musicians the best, they are great!
    Suddenly here in Paris it's really really cold today,brr, but sunshine!
    Have a great day and fun,

  8. Julie, I see you are enjoying this too with your grandson. It's the best isn't it?!!!

    Elspeth, glad you like my leaf photo, yes, it is your style I think.

    Lisa, thanks! It's fun.

    Cris, thanks I am doing my best. Seems to come naturally to GD.

    Soul they have just turned five years old in Sept. But GD has been drawing like this for over a year now.

    Andrea, yes, you've been missed. Glad you came today and thanks for your compliment about my musicians drawing!

  9. Happy Animal Wednesday to you and the talented kids - LOVE your sketches also Lynnie

  10. Hell Lynn, wow...just so many happenings at your face drawings at previous post, pretty blooms.....
    Look like you are busy for good. Happy Weekends in advance!


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