Thursday, October 15, 2009

Seeded Flower Power 1 and Fallen Tree

My sewing machine and I had a major battle over this one and I think in the end I won. I cut out one flower and made a single flower panel. This is acrylic painted fabric sky and fence; fleece maroon field, thick felted woolly bits flower, stem and leaves, and thick fabric felted border, top sewn free motion style and then heavily beaded by hand and embroidered by hand, Click to see details I now have a doable four flower piece that I will complete next. &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&
The heavy storm we had tried to clean the paint off my patio table
And it felled a part of this big tree in our backyard
I am sure my gardener will give me a fair estimate today for removing it.
I am grateful that nothing else was damaged in the storm here. Happy Grateful Thursday


  1. Wow.. thats some big huge branch. sure glad that was it. looks like a fort in there tho.. haha.
    You are going to town with these flowers. Cool flower panel. Does that mean you are going to do four of these panels as a set??? Looks like lots of hand beading in there. The photo is kind of blury to me.

  2. Your work is so intricate. this panel is lovely. glad the tree branch didnt fall on yr house or person. we heard abt the storms here and the fears of mudslides.

  3. This is my favorite of the flower series you are doing, so far. I think the rectangle background accentuates the beautiful flower and all of those stitches are marvelous. I am glad to hear that you and yours weren't hurt by falling branches.

  4. Fantastic flowers for sure!!

    Wow, that tree damage is scary. Happy it wasn't worse.

  5. up
    seems this is the inevitable fate of anything in this world... except art that moves always up up up...

    fabulous flowers you've grown!

    love and peace to you

  6. Your poor tree, I hope it will be okay. And I love all the color and stitching you are doing.
    We get big winds here in Idaho, I always think one of these big guy will fall.
    Big Hugs, Mary


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