Monday, October 12, 2009

HCM; V = Van; Flower art Quilt GROWS; GD wants a Jean Skirt,

Happy Cactus Monday...I hope this huge grouping of succulents counts! I found them in Pt. Reyes Station a few weekends ago.
V = VW Van for ABC blog, go THERE for whole story please.Work In Progress: Flowers have been moved to a new background...this piece is huge (53" X 30") and I am seriously thinking of cutting it up into smaller parts and then Maybe piecing it back together after....or not. I now remember why I stopped making large art quilts! So much to handle in the sewing machine. TOO MUCH.
Grand daughter, age 5, asked for a jean skirt. I had this pair of jeans I got at a garage sale a week or so ago for a quarter just her size, and the insert, a second pair for another 25 cents. SO I cut them up and wha-la! A skirt was born. It came with the cute embroidered top and holes for the ribbon.
I probably won't keep this pink ribbon as it won't look good after it is washed.
but you can see my felted flowers keep crying out to me and I grew one here on her skirt.
This is the back panel and I top sewed a red metallic flower and then added color with a fabric marking pen.
Not sure I'll add a whole lot more. It's kind of pretty just the way it is.
Felted flower fell from the garden on my larger piece...


  1. man oh man that skirt rocks gran. and i love the vw, i had a white beetle in the late sixties/seventies, called it 'herbie'. pretty succulents too, happy cm

  2. My goodness what pretty succulents. Of course they count. The skirt for your grand is sweet. A one of a kind. HCM.

  3. Love that skirt for GD. Its perfect. no dont add another thing. The ribbon is cute. Cant it be pulled out to wash? love the art work on it. Love your VW and the succulent. I cant remember what else is on here. Oh the Red does pop out the flowers. Not sure about it but what other color would pop those flowers? Its a fantasy anyway. So it can be any color you like.

  4. I agree the skirt is perfect just as it is. love the large quilt too. and the color of those succulents!

  5. OOOOH MY! You always blow me away with all your little artfilled projects...What a lucky grand daughter...darling skirt...your flowers are beautiful...anywhere you place them!!! HAppy Cactus Monday! :)

  6. oh to my favourite sewer...I love that car!, and the skirt with the flower is soooo creative.

  7. Beautiful succulents and cousins of Cacti so it sure counts.

    That skirt is so adorable!! She will be the hit at school for sure.


  8. I always find such beautiful magic here. Where do you get your ideas, love the shirt.
    Dearest Lynn, no guilt please. I am just so far behind that I am restless with the mess. I love to craft and I need to do it without thinking of the dirt. Yup, running on guilt.
    If you have any reason for the photo please use it. I just thought it was so funny, and sad!
    Hugs, Mary

  9. This is such a cute skirt and they are all the rage these days. I'm sure she will love it, especially with your trademark felted flower on it. "Flower Power!"

  10. Love the succulent photo and what you have done with the pair of jeans.

  11. Oh, that would be the best! Getting special requests from little loved ones. I really had a good laugh when I realized GD was granddaughter. At first I thought G_D wanted a jean skirt.

  12. Thanks all. I so enjoy your comments and thank you for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoy what you see here. It's such fun to share it all with you.

  13. O my god, Lynn...everything in here is so lovely!!! Seems like you've put your soul and heart to it:)

    The succulents are very beautiful too.

  14. Ohh Lynn, that is the cutest skirt, I just love it, it's really adorable!! That brought back memories of when my cousin and I sewed a jean skirt back in the '70's.


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