Friday, November 27, 2009

OY, I Can Hardly MOVE!

Sharing my Thanksgiving Day with family with you makes me smile. Here you see my son in law and grandson, and daughter. She is talking to my brother...before dinner. Pffifer the cat is 17 years old, and must have been driven crazy by the wonderful cooking smells in the kitchen...
My daughter remains oh so calm throughout all the preparations. Her brother in law and husband helping too...
My husband entertained us with song...
The guys and some gals were outside playing football in the back yard!
My grand daughter entertained herself with her Polly Pocket dolls...
My grandson got into the "project" I brought along, as is my habit...almost the first words out of their mouths when they see me is "Did you bring us an art project, Grandma?" Of course I did!
And then there was more football was such a beautiful day out...
Grand daughter loved playing with yarn and sewing her plate. She also caught on quickly to crocheting a chain.
And grand son showed his great uncle how he was learning to play chess.
And finally it was time to eat! Please notice my mother's Lenox China gravy bowl in the front. My daughter has inherited all of her china but only used this one piece yesterday. I think because the plates have to all be washed by hand. I made the yams. Everything was so delicious. The turkey was moist, the stuffing seasoned to perfection including favorite!
My son in law out did himself with baking this HUGE apple pie using three different varieties of apples.
And there was pumpkin and ollieberry pies as well...
I went home feeling like a blimp! I had to be rolled out of there. But it was oh oh oh so good.
I was full of good food, and good feelings of the love we have in our family. The little kids got to have two sets of grandparents visiting at the same time, one set having come all the way from Boston! Uncles, great uncle, friends, parents...who could ask for anything more? Not me, that is for sure! I hope your day was as good and as memorable.
For those of you who do not celebrate this holiday I hope you can enjoy it through my experience. It's fun to share the joy. See it as just another wonderful excuse to gather family and friends together to share and appreciate life.


  1. Indeed, it sounds like a perfect traditional family Thanksgiving. Lucky lady that you are.

  2. This all looks spectacular! Thank you for letting me join your Thanksgiving Day celebration. I feel like I was there whith you!

  3. Looks like everyone had fun and good food. I was impressed with the cat being 17 years old. wow. Bet it was going crazy over the smell. :)) Thanks for sharing the pix.

  4. Your day just looked devine, Lynn! That huge apple pie looked very good!!! It reminded me of when I was growing up my mom would make the best apple pies...she learned a little secret that just made the pies wonderful! She would add a handful of Red Hot's candy over the apples and it gave it a sweet cinnamony taste...and we loved the red coloration! Thanks for the memory!!!

  5. what a wonderful set of happiness you have posted here. i love the colour of the kitchen walls. so glad you had a wonderful day and also that 'gunc' was there too.

  6. Oh yes Lynn, you were mightly blessed this Thanksgiving. Family and food, could there be a better combination?? I don't think so.

  7. It feels like I was there Lynn! Great photos of the gathering.

    I went near Boston for my first Thanksgiving back in 17 years :)

    It was sweet!

    I'm glad you had a super, thankful day.

  8. Your pictures were a adventure into your special gathering. Thank you for sharing! I am almost out of my Turkey coma! Hugs, Mary

  9. Happy Thanksgiving for You Lynn and your Family:)
    This here looks perfect, all the people together to celebrate lovingly, and the two kids: they have grown so much since the day you first showed us pictures of them! They are very sweet. Have a great Sunday,

  10. What a wonderful day that was!
    So nice you always bring art projects for the twins! They will remember that for the rest of their lives. And your husband playing the guitar, so cool!
    Everything looks so yummy and cosy
    Lucky you!!!


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