Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Craft Time!!!!

Years ago I used to sew crafts for my children and my cousins children. Now I find myself doing this for my grand children. This week was such fun taking scraps of fabric and creating a gift bag (that can be filled with gifts or filled with whatever the child wants to tote around) and two fabric rolled up pencil holders. I found a nice length of ballet fabric at the thrift store and quilted it with batting and bright pink backing and turned it into such a bag. (top of top photo); [In case you are wondering, I found bought fabric with musical instruments at Joanne's tonight and will get to work making my grand son a bag for his things too]
I used more scraps/fat quarters to make the two (one pink for the girl;
one green for the boy) pencil holders.
The frogs will bring a smile to grand sons face I am sure. Grand daughter will love the pink babies and balloons on the back of hers. This photo shows you how to roll up the pencil holder when done, with a tie to wrap it all up and hold things in place, as seen in the top photo.
Here it is opened up with colored pencils to match colors on the strips of fabric behind them.
They are held in place by a soft piece of white flannel & sewn with gold metallic thread.
And look, they stay in place even when held up side down, they do not fall out. Any artist young or old would love such a case for their art tools, no?
I could not resist quilting this found piece of cotton covered in dancing ballerinas.
Beads keep the strings to close the bag in place. The backing comes forward to make that dark pink band at the top
and another to match is on the bottom *unseen here.
My grand daughter (age 5) has just started ballet classes so this will
please her no end.
She has also started learning to knit at her kindergarten
so inside the bag is a lovely skein of pink yarn and
Miss Kitty knitting needles in just her size.
And a bright orange trimmed in gold flowing fabric
with which to play
Anna Pavlova.


  1. so clever Lynn - I should make one of those pencil holders for myself

  2. You are making such wonderful memories for your Grands.

  3. Oh how crafty you have been!! I love the fabrics you've used! I miss doing this sort of thing at Christmas - no little ones around at the moment :(

  4. Oh what fun. Your lucky grandkids. I wish I had had someone like you when growing up to make me fun things like that. I knew of a lady in our neighborhood who did that and I so envied that idea. That pencil idea is clever. We all could use that. :))

  5. Very cute and very crafty and very YOU!!!

  6. wow!!! You never stop!

    I'm sending some fabric scraps along with your menorah atc. I just couldn't throw them out without seeing if you could use them for something :)

  7. Oh Lynn what beautiful gifts!
    That bag is nice as a pyama hanger. So sweet But I LOVE those pencil cases!!! SO fabulous! Wish I could sew.......sigh.....


  8. Awesome!!!!
    Superb handy things for the kids...loved each piece! The kids will be so happy:)

  9. Yes, crafting is tempting and require creative and positive mindset to get it done.
    the finished products here just so gorgeous by itself!
    Great memories for those that receive from you:)

  10. oh lynn i love ach and every one of these and i bet they are all treasures now.


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