Friday, January 1, 2010

First Post: Janurary 1, 2010

One more Happy New Year Greeting!
I'm starting the year with a house cleaner than it was the end of '09!
My Quicken caught up to date for tax time!
My resolutions firmly in mind!
A piece of art completed...hand embroidery done
on our recent ride to Mendocino, in the parlor there and back again.
I hope you are all able to kick back and relax today
as you approach the year 2010!
I wish you well in every way.


  1. Thanks Lynn. Your embroidery is great. Have a good start to the New Year. Here's to another good year...

  2. A quickie burst of colour for 2010Wishing you many bursts of love, colour and enjoyment too.

  3. Beautiful way to start the blogging year Lynn. Love the embroidery. Nothing like that hand stitch to give something such life.

  4. This sounds like you, all ready for the new year and I know you are full of ideas for 2010.


  5. Have a happy day. Lovely work. Yes, I did get yr message about using yr page as book cover. Re: facebook, I had no idea how to respond but posted about that on FB and someone told me to write and hit enter so now I know!

  6. OK, know I have to ask what your beautiful embroidery will become??? I love all that color on black!

  7. Sounds like you ended 09 with a clean slate and are starting 2010 fresh as a daisy. lovely embroidery. You have come a long way in your art these few years you started blogging. Hoping for more for you this year too.

  8. Thanks for your comment. Have a happy, healthy and creative New Year.

    We blog, therefore we are!

    PS. Kelly has told me about your husband. That's very cool. It's a small world, after all!

  9. I think I did scare her when I turned my head.

    A statue? Hmmm...I guess I could be "The Thinker." I suppose that name's already taken, though.

  10. Dear Lynn
    wishing you a beautiful year full of love and creativity!
    You started the right way! ;)
    What a promise, lovey piece!
    I love the book cover of Suki book it couldn't have ended better than this way!
    It was already a wonderful page but perfect as a cover!!!

    Look forward to see all the creativity you have in store for us in 2010!!

    love >M<

  11. This piece of stitching is beautiful. You are so organized and don't you just utilize every spare moment you get? You can pack art into a trip to the bathroom, I believe!:)
    I love your check list. I'm delinquent about that.
    Happy New Year to you, too.

  12. Katie Jane, the bathroom is where I get my inspiration while pouring over copies of Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines!!
    LOL...right, I never miss an opportunity.

  13. Julie, I think the embroidery has just become the piece it is. But then again it could get cut up and used in something else. One never knows...stay tuned.

  14. Happy New Year, Lynn and family! Your embroidery is gorgeous.

  15. Beautiful stiching Lynn!
    Oh, to be so organized,,,so ready for whatever.
    Happy New Year Girlfriend!


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