Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years Eve

It's New Years Eve and one should be thinking ahead...Or behind...or sideways perhaps?
Backwards it was a good year, with some ups and downs...the biggest down is aging aunt and uncle and watching them through this end of life process...big emotions for me. Also a down was saying goodbye to my MIL really the very end of last year, but the emotions spilling into the beginning of this year.
Ups were the joys of watching my youngest grandchildren turn five years old...having a culmination of five years of sheer joy interacting them with, more sleep overs, more art making together...
Ups also were the connections with my grown children; holidays/dinners together...
Ups were my art in art shows and friends accolades and the year ending with a commissioned wall hanging!
Ups was getting through a year with both of us (DH and me) pretty darn healthy!
Grateful for a note from my grand daughter (age 16) for Chanukah art journal sent:
"Grandma Lynn I have been meaning to email you but haven't been online this week. THE GIFTS WERE SPECTACULAR! wow I am so impressed by both of them. Thank you soooo much. I can't wait to sit down with the book and really read it. Much love! (it just snowed like four inches so I'm going to go and play :))" (both meant the art journal I made her and the "Simply Dreadful" wall hanging I made her brother).
Grateful too for art on cards sent from blog friends all year long and this week from Kathy W., Teri C, Yoon See and Mim! Thanks so much.
Grateful for Blog Friends made and kept and held dear to my heart this year and for many years to come...
Grateful for friends closer to home, who I see and enjoy!
Looking forward to beading/jewelry making classes with Patty; working on the new commissioned wall hanging; the next art quilt challenge in Quilts Around The World blog group; more traveling sketchbook pages; more ATC trades; more creative art endeavors and maybe an art retreat...there I said it out loud...
Hoping for continued good health; a continued thriving business; more day/weekend trips with DH; more time with grand kids; more art making/creating; more time with friends and family;
Getting and keeping my weight down; keeping a sound mind and heart; being a better person...
Okay, not done yet, prayers for world peace and good health for all my family and friends...and all humanity! (and animals too!)
Happy New Year Everyone Everywhere!
And Happy Birthday Patty!!!!


  1. Oh Lynn, I believe you are the most positive person I have ever encountered on the internet!!

    Have an amazing year in 2010 - I hope it all comes true for you!!

  2. I so agree with Patti. You are such an energetic positive person Lynn. Your verve leaps off the page. I wish you continued good health and I know all else will follow. Happy, Creative New Year.

  3. Lynn, I agree with the above. Your spirit of joy and zest for life is contagious. Happy New Year and many blessings to you and your family.

    PS received the traveling sketchbook. Each page is a joy. I think I'll use your unattached page as the cover since it is a bit larger than the others besides being detached. Will probably just close it on with a ribbon wrap. Thank you, so beautiful and inventive. Love the candy wrappers. The footprints in the sand, and the sand itself.

  4. I agree with Patty. You do have an amazing positive outlook and with the type of job you have too. I think all that art keeps you going.
    I cant imagine you doing better but I hope for you more joy in all you do and want to accomplish.

  5. It has been a joyful and fun sharing 2009 with you. And I know 2010 will be even better!


  6. i agree with patti, you are alwasy so UP, it rubs off on us. hny and good health, that's all that counts really.

  7. Gratefulness begets more blessings, this you have obviously figured out! :) Happy goodbye to 2009 and happy hello to a new year!

  8. Gratefulness begets more blessings, this you have obviously figured out! :) Happy goodbye to 2009 and happy hello to a new year!

  9. Happy New Year Lynn, hope it will be a very good year for you and yours. Hi from Hugo!
    Love, Linda

  10. ahhh... love this photo a lot!
    i name it "hope"

    happy new year, Lynn
    wish a year full of hope, health, wealth and happiness for you and your loved ones...

    love and peace

    ps. thanks for your always encouraging and sweet words on my blog... they mean a lot to me...


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