Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Animal Wednesday And Gluttony ReVisited!

On the night before Christmas we arrived in Mendocino! We walked the quiet streets and came across this lovely Christmas Tree all lite up...only to discover the next day in daylight that it wasn't a tree at all, but lights strung up over a water tower! These birds are really at Pt Arena, a small town south of Mendocino, where we stopped to stretch our legs on our way up north. If we had listened carefully we would have gotten the message "eat like birds"...however:
We were faced each morning with a breakfast high in sugar, cholesterol and calories...
like this French Toast oven baked with custard between the layers...
And nothing learned or entirely walked off by dinner time when we ate gourmet meals at various lovely local eateries...DH enjoyed braised chicken and I braised duck...this meal.
The night before I had seared Arctic char and he braised scallops...both mouth watering dishes, followed by desserts that were to die FROM...(notice I did not say to die FOR!) Face facts we both came home three pounds heavier than we left home!
Frankie's offered lighter fair for lunch and our last dinner there...
Matzo ball soup for day one lunch was delicious (funny them serving this special on Christmas day) served with a small Challah roll...their baked falafel was very good topped with homemade humus and lots and lots of chopped tomatoes and cucumbers for next days lunch...and the last evenings dinner of tomato, Canadian bacon and fresh basil pizza was good too. A size small just hit the spot.
A special thanks to the help at Frankie's, as I noticed they saved their beer bottle caps. I had seen a work of art in a gallery earlier in the day using them and wondered if they would give me the cup full I saw there. The young wait person said "Sure, and bent down to retrieve three bags full...did I want them all?" O...K... I am sure they will all make it into some art pieces sooner or later!
BTW they also have very very good homemade ice cream there too. I became partial to the raspberry chocolate chunk~ by Cowlick~
Here you can see us getting fatter and fatter as we rested between meals! Yes, someone please
us from ourselves!!!!
Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. Oh gosh this trip was worth it all Lynn. So glad to see you enjoyed yourselves so much. Knowing you, you will get busy and work it all off.

  2. Ah's the time of year for gluttony right?

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time! You look so blissful on the header.

    Lynn, I snatched the raven photo so I can look at it now and then. I love them facing each other!
    I won't use it for anything, promise :)

    The lit tree looks like it's made of neon pretty!

  4. gosh, me, i need to gain weight and this sounds like a delightful way to do it. The trouble with a good dinner meal is I never have room for the wonderful desserts. This indeed sounds like a wonderful mini-vacation for you both. Hurrah to you for giving it to yourselves.

  5. what a lovely way to have a break from your everyday life,wonderful photos, specially of you two.

  6. Oh my gosh. That breakfast looked wonderful. All you ate sounded wonderful. but you're right its an awful lot to eat in a short span of time.. But hey ..its only once a year.. right? I am sure enjoying your Long weekend away vicariously and less fattening.. LOL

  7. Laurel, s'okay you took the crows photo...I know your love of them.
    If you make art and sell big just send me my cut! ;-)

    Glad you all are enjoying our trip vicariously with us! It's fun to share!

  8. LOL, why do we all eat so darn much over the holidays?! I gained weight just reading and seeing all this good.



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