Tuesday, December 29, 2009

B & Bs on Blooming Tuesday!

A Mendocino Bloom for you on bloomin' Tuesday!
Pretty huh? DH and I realized that over the past thirty years plus we have stayed at a total of ten B & Bs in Mendocino. Some I've pictured here.
This first one is not one of them. LOL
It's The Blair House and the B & B where the TV series: "Murder She Wrote" was filmed!
(This is for Cris, as she asked me to take a photo of it for her)
This trip we stayed at The Headlands Inn and this bag of goodies
greeted us upon our arrival. Also a coupon for a free ice cream at Frankie's a little
restaurant around the corner for DH's birthday!
The bag of goodies held both Christmas candies and Chanukah gelt.
This was our very well appointed bathroom just outside our bedroom,
within a small entry way all in our private area!
It had a nice wall heater that when turned on warmed our bath towels for us,
and two bathrobes hung on the door for us to use.
And this is where we laid our weary heads after a day of over eating,
walking, shopping, hanging out at the beach etc.
The mattress was a little high in the middle and DH said he
had difficulty staying in the bed. I did just fine.
Must have been the pretty quilt on the bed!
We both enjoyed the hosts and their hospitality; and the upstairs parlor we visited in the evenings after dinner out. We could sit and put our feet up, read, or draw or embroider.
They served hot apple cider and tea/coffee...and cookies.
There was also an ice box there with cold drinks we could just take.
A big bowl of candy DH liked a lot!
And a snifter of brandy if you were so inclined. We ate Christmas Dinner here at The Mc Callum House.
I had duck, he had braised chicken.
Very yummy.
Very expensive.
We once stayed here at Sweetwater Gardens and I had the best massage I'd ever had in my life! We stayed here the weekend before we got married on April 1st (Monday) at the court house in nearby Fort Bragg. We shot this view, as the ladder went to the attic room we stayed in. It's called The Sea Gull Inn. This is DHs favorite where we have stayed several times called Mc Elroy's Inn. The ownership has changed and is now called something French and is owned by the same people who own another across the street. They were not open over Christmas weekend. He liked it because it had a bedroom and another room with a fire place, which we used in the winter time stays. It felt like having a little house to yourself. They only had coffee and banana nut bread for breakfast in the little office. And it was inexpensive compared to all the others. Oops, another shot of Blair House! We've also stayed at The Blackberry Inn, John Grindles House, Agate Inn... I do not recall all the other names right now, but you get the picture!


  1. That bloom is soooooooooo gorgeous I had a hard time going any further to all those lovely B&B's.

  2. wow again what a fabulous array of photos. thanx for this tour. and happy 2010.

  3. Thanks for the photo of the Blair house. I would love to see inside that place. Love all the other photos too and especially love that blooming flower. Did they have a fire in the sitting room? That would have made it cozy.

  4. Wonderful tour of those inns! You are good to each other!

  5. Pretty pictures. Sounds like you had a great time. I need one of those trips.

  6. What a gorgeous bloom!!! What fun to have all that history with the B abd B's!!!!!!

  7. Beautiful bloom. The B&Bs are lovely too.

  8. We love B&B' your pictures. We didn't go anywhere this year...Arney had two surgeries this year and that took away any thoughts of going out of town.
    I think B&B owners are such nice people. I love having time in the old houses, of course I own a old house, but it is not a victorian.
    Today is get my mind right is hard to put aside old habits. Thank you for your words of support...I need them.
    hugs, Mary

  9. Ahh what a lovely place you stayed this time!
    Lobe the bloom and all those Inn's
    Glad you had a good time!



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