Monday, December 28, 2009

I LOVE Mendocino, CA...

The town of Mendocino's main street is literally across the street from the beach and headlands...and it's the latter that I come to see first and foremost. We were so lucky to have a warm Christmas day to walk on the beach and we kept having to peel off layers of clothing worn, as the more we walked the warmer we became... This is the McCullum House where we ate Christmas dinner. The food was rich and having eaten out the night before too, at the Moose Cafe, both offering gourmet meals, our tummies were full and aching from our gluttony.
The few streets of the town are loaded with art galleries...DH loved the art by this artist best.
He liked the picture within the picture.
I loved the found art on the beach like this sea weed!
Christmas day we could walk the full length of the beach.
It rained that night and the next day so today we could not walk down
on the beach at all as the tide was covering it completely!
But the sun was out again and we could walk the headlands over looking
the beach and did.
You might recognize some of the town from movies made there in years past such as
East of Eden, Hitchcock's Birds; The Russians Are Coming; and all of Murder She Wrote
(the TV series)...
This wooden pier is about to fall into the sea.
That loving couple? That's us in shadow!
And me, enjoying the view.
Literally I could not take enough in.
Just wanted to sit there forever breathing in the fresh air,
seeing the waves crashing on the rocks,
higher and higher!!!
What a feeling!
I wish I could bottle it and send you some.
Four wonderful days...
more photos to follow
I assure you!


  1. I could use a bottle of this. Beautiful.

  2. Ah that brings back memories of when we lived by the beach. Sweet sounds and smells. so glad you had such a fun and relaxing trip. You both needed it. Look forward to more photos.

  3. Oh Lynn..... Wish I was there....
    What a scene.
    Love your new banner! Viva la vida!
    Recognize the feeling of Suki's pages!


  4. soo glad you saw your new page first, so glad you like it, it just poured out of me, and there it was. loved the poem too. btw your new header says it all.

  5. What wonderful photos! I love the picture of you in your banner. You look ready to take on the world in 2010!

  6. what a lovely vicarious trip and glad you got this vacation. WHAT!! I am outraged. Murder She Wrote, which is set in Maine, was filmed in CA??? I used to love that show.

  7. Awww, quit rubbing it in, you lucky dog! This is stunning and how I wish I had been there too. Aren't getaways the best?
    Well, we have snow now, so I'll just stare at your photos some more.
    I like that photo of the window, too!

  8. Oh, by the way, love that header!

  9. Even though I have a similar scene here on the eastern coast of Florida, it is not the same at all. I adore California...and I sure wish you could bottle it and send it to me !!! Your area there is stunning and I know you had a relaxing, calm time soaking it all in!!!

  10. These pictures and your narration remind me so much of my early childhood. We lived in Fresno between 1965 and 1971 and visited the ocean every summer. I remember that seaweed and making castles with that fine sand. Thank you for posting this! It was so fun to read/see.

  11. I can really feel the freedom of the ocean. Thanks for sharing the pics. I never knew what you looked like, and now I know! Most Excellent indeed! The blog banner is wonderful. Hope it stays a little while. Happy new year to you!

  12. This was magical...I am a California girl at heart, I know where this is...Happy New Year!

  13. This looks like the perfect spot... especially given that it felt like it was in the single digits in NYC today!

  14. I have just spent the last 10 minutes or so reading through your blog about this fantastic trip... I lopve the phograph of you sitting at the shore looking out to sea...You did send it all to me through your words and these pictures... I thoroughly enjoyed myself...Blessings to you and your family this new year! :)

    P.S>...If you find a good art retreat... I want to go too! :)


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